World War Z has recently been made free for a limited time on PC, from March 26th – April 2nd you get to keep it forever so long as you add it to your library. Now that it is free, is it still worth playing in 2020? What are the player counts? What’s new since release in 2019? All of your questions will be answered here and if not, leave a comment. A World War Z Review in 2020 by Venatix.

World War Z is FREE right for a limited time, go grab it:

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・World War Z Game Review

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—– SCRIPT —–

The year is 2020 and the game, World War Z, has been out for almost one whole year and you might be asking yourself, is it worth coming back to play again? Or you might ask, Is the game still being updated? What’s the player base like, is anyone still playing the game? Rest assured the game has and STILL IS being updated roughly every other month. Actually, in the upcoming months of 2020, we will be getting even more PvE maps and missions to play solo or with friends. If you didn’t already know, between today and April 2nd you can pick up World War Z for free and keep it forever. If you are interested, click the link in the top right corner and then come back and finish this review.

For those new to World War Z, you should know that it’s a thrilling, four-player cooperative, third-person shooter, featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush you until either your or them are dead. Focused on fast-paced gameplay and based on the Brad Pitt Movie, World War Z takes you through new story lines and characters from around the world in tense, exciting missions, crafted specifically for modern consoles and PC’s alike.

The zombie swarms feel neither fear nor mercy. As a team, you make your stand and unload an arsenal of deadly weaponry into hundreds of swarming zombies. Feel the satisfying rush of life as you cheat death and prevail against such overwhelming odds. Cut the undead down with rocket launchers, machine guns, sentries, turrets, grenade launchers, barbed wire, and more.

World War Z is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Today you can get World War Z on the xbox game pass for as little as $9.99 US Dollars per month or pick it up for free on the epic games store for a limited time.

So what’s new with World War Z as of late? Since April 2019 we now have 2 new special zombies, the infector, who’s toxic slime will quickly turn you into a zombie if you do not clean it off and the bomber, who is a sneaky ticking time bomb. Both new special zombies add unique ways of taking them down. On top of the new zombies, we have numerous new weapons, including a flamethrower. Even some of the weapons come with perks that allow for increased damage or an AOE knock-back for example. Each of these weapons are attainable in-game without having to pay a dime of real money. On the other side of things, there are purchasable weapon and character skins ranging anywhere from 3 to 10 US dollars. They added 3 new missions completely free to Tokyo, Moscow and New York. There is a whole new prestige system that allows you to level up your class numerous times allowing for more perks making you even stronger. They even added a wave based horde mode similar to call of duty zombies. They’ve also added cross-play allowing players to play with xbox and PC with PS4 to come shortly after. While there is no crossplay invite system in place as of yet they have confirmed that it will be coming.

World War Z has come a long way in the past year since it’s release. While it may feel like a left for dead clone, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. We’ve had an empty void since left for dead’s release and I think World War Z is the next best option. The best part of World War Z is that it’s continuously being updated. We know in the nearish future that a whole new episode will be coming including 3 new missions, characters and weapons all for a small price. World War Z isn’t done bringing new content to the game. World War Z is constantly on sale and should be an automatic buy for anyone looking for an online cooperative zombie shooter with levels progression.

If you are at all interested in World War Z and want to know more or keep tabs once more content is released make sure to subscribe and check out my other videos. I have been covering World War Z for the past year, I am the go to place. For all World War Z, I am Venatix, have a good day.


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  1. Turns out the new maps/missions will be paid but are part of the season pass! The previous new maps they gave to us for free.

    New Horde Mode Gameplay:

  2. Started playing yesterday with a couple of friends. its insanely fun.. and the hordes are amazing. seeing hundreds of zombies rush over a mountain coming to get you and your 3 buddies, trying to defend with a few turrets and your own arsenal. it gives an amazing rush and definitely needs good communications at higher difficulty

  3. I've been playing this for about 2 months my thoughts it's a good game room for improvement though like if we are playing offline we should be able to put the game on pause horde mode we should be allowed to choose our guns at the start or if we have to buy them we should be allowed to pick what guns we want sometimes we dont want a crossbow and battle rifle we want a sniper rifle or what ever since we can pick our player we should be allowed to pick our guns we also should be allowed to play alone without the npc's while doing offline horde mode alone if they are needed we should be allowed to place them where we see fit so they dont get shot or in the way the bulls be on the electric fence the npc be protecting the bull smh… good game room for improvement though

  4. Why did it had to be free at ths same time i told my parents that i wont use my phone for a week to earn $100?

  5. I'd appreciate if more people answer so thanks in advance:

    Is this game worth $45 on ps4 I'm super bored and nothing to play but I'd hate to waste money

  6. Get 3 of your friends on discord and play. Holy shit it’s so much fun. Brings me back to old school left 4 dead days on the couch with friends. My 3 friends and I were cracking up. Going to be adding some of it to my YouTube videos.

  7. Is there not a seasons pass for this game on epic games? Can find it on the microsoft, xbox and ps store… but only the individual dlcs on epic.

  8. When the game first came out it was brand new at $39.99 which is not bad and it was basically a sleeper hit because you couldn't find a copy of it at any GameStop. It's just a simple fun game that every now and then I pick up when I'm bored and have nothing to do and just kill endless swarms of zombies and it's nice to see that the developers have not just abandoned the game and are still adding stuff to it.

  9. I'm one of the people that bought it for free few days ago,while I'm not a huge fan of zombies games (L4D,Days Gone,TLOU etc) but this one got me hook right away albeit bugs here and there,computer froze force me to restart my pc(gg harddisk),the game have plenty of content.Currently I maxed out my medic class and now attempt to buy the prestige rank.

  10. The problem is… you get random ping

    Sometimes i get 80 ping
    And sometimes i get 200 ping..idk why we don't have stable servers

  11. bruh got this game yesterday and my progress got reset twice 😀 Epic game cloud save is a scam there aint got cloud save file shit

  12. The zombie pyramids are incredibly satisfying to destroy. Picked this game up for free then bought a couple of cosmetics to show appreciation. Very good game.

  13. Just got it for free since my friends told me to all of my friends are playing it and it’s a blast 9/10 would recommend the only bad thing is that it’s only four players max but it’s still a great game nonetheless to play by yourself or with friends.👍🏾

  14. Just got this game few days ago, it's so fun and very new to me as I haven't played anything similar. Needs more maps and content imo, including more sophisticated customization feature, it's because it's 3d, so I want my character to look badass.

  15. so, there will be episode 5? or it's just mode exclusive map? like korean airport for horde mode
    i really like the storyline as you jump around the world like a tourist

  16. You keep saying it's for free, but it's only free on "PC" if you have chinese malware on your computer. Will wait for it to come on steam, but if it doesn't, you know it wont last long on the chinese malware.

  17. I just got the game recently and I couldn't stop seeing similarities with L4D2(I'm sorry but I'm gonna tell the similarities I found but keep reading if you wanna!) the game is a definitely a little more fun and intense. You have to hold your ground otherwise the whole thing turns into shite, unlike L4D as the hordes are less deadlier. Don't forget that you have to focus on the swarms while they're some stray zekes coming from behind you!!
    Now to the lore of the characters. We barely know anything about them. Oskana is a doctor, Bunko is a hacker but that's about it. L4D2 def did a greater job on them even with the smaller cast. We got to see the original group's backstorg as well.

    Overall, I think both games I mentioned are amazing and super great in their own way. Everyone go try it out. Sorry if i brought up L4D but someone had to 😛


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