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EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining is an incredibly precise manufacturing process that uses electrodes, dielectric liquid, and an electrical current to cut materials. In Blue Ash, Ohio, Spectre EDM is a family business that began in 1985 and is still going strong.

Not only do they offer high precision EDM, conventional EDM, and EDM hole drilling a.k.a. “hole popping” services, they also offer CNC milling with their Okuma M560-V High Speed Mill.

Foreman Matt Melson and EDM Department Manager Renee Vonderhaar show us the Agie 150HSS and a number of Charmilles wire EDM machines, their features, and how they work. Enjoy!

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  1. @NYC CNC I LOVE what you do, and everything you do, and everything you stand for. BUT YOU HAVE TO STOP INTERUPTING the people you interview. I'm one minute and 39 seconds into your seemingly excellent tour and you have effectively interrupted Matt Melson fifteen times at least which totally breaks the flow and comprehension of what he is saying. You can intercut the "nodies" later. The problem comes when you intercut short segments where you have interrupted the interviewee to inadvertently create a concatenated stream of constant interruption, totally breaking the flow every 3 1/2 seconds. .You have come a long way from your 'Holy Cow " days, keep going —> From a Random Media Professional. Looking forward to watching the next 56 minutes and 12 seconds of footage of Matt's truly excellent looking shop.

  2. Nowadays, even ceramics considered not conductive can be machined by EDM, according to EDM machine manufacturers. They just need to have a very small amount of conductivity.

  3. Favourite episode so far! Clean, competent shop, lots of knowledge, and a flowing dialogue between people who have passion and want to be in the conversation. Thankyou.

  4. Nice to see a shop with some older Charmilles then even ours. Shame they keep talking about discontinuing support on everything 310/510 and earlier.

  5. Fantastic video, EDM doesn't get enough attention! Question, how do you go about zeroing in on a part in the ram EDM? Maybe you have a renishaw hidden in that tool changer, or just a cylindrical electrode to touch off with?

  6. 45:50 I'm jealous, I've been using a bridgeport ez trak and this makes it look so janky in comparison. Hopefully they will let me start using the EDM, I've been asking to get into that for a while now. I'm a die maker apprentice currently, but we mainly use the EDM for punch buttons and re-cutting trim steels (D2 and S7 mainly). Awesome shop.

  7. This is like the shop that I dream about working for in the future. I never got the chance to learn EDM and would love to learn more of that side of high precision machining. Beautiful shop by the way

  8. This is the kind of shop tour video that makes customers confident in a vendor. I'm not a machinist, my career has been involved in optics, electronics, and computing, but I can take one look here and say "these people are professionals."

  9. This was how i started engineering, 16 years old programming a Sodick A350 for a tool and die company. Made the electrodes for the die sinker. A lot of the punches we eroded we form ground the profile first to reduce cycle time on the EDM. 10 minutes on the grinder could save over an hour sparking.
    Used a few Mitsubishi's as well, lovely m/c to use.
    nice workshop tour guys.

  10. allright, i am never going to buy a edm. i will only buy like 10 meter travel machines. i dont like small parts too much.

  11. Look, I do think this is pretty cool and all, but the title of the video has confused Google's algorithm for sorting stories into their appropriate categories. Mainly that this video gets confused as a video about Electronic Dance Music. EDM. I get that the 'EDM' used in this is of an entirely different meaning, but nonetheless . Just a heads up.

  12. Sooo, I always thought the wire was a loop. It seems that the wire is actually just passed through once then thrown out?

  13. Thank you john, thank you matthew for this great video, from iraq i say to matthew, i really like your amazing workshop, you put your tools in right place, so you can find it easily, not like me 😀

  14. Mr Saunders and Melson, I am curious about what it takes to use wire and electrode edm in small injection mold tooling. What are some good resources for training and machine aquisition?

  15. Nice to see you do a video on this subject. Always wondered how that worked. Complements to you and the shop owners! Greetings from Belgium.

  16. Great video and lovely shop too. I work with a much older Wire EDM myself so found this really interesting, although I don't work near this level. The cleanliness of the shop is awesome.

  17. Mr Saunders, you do a great service to the industry by making these videos. And to people like myself that am just interested in how things work. I think in the last three months I've watched all of your shop/industry tours. Time well spent, thank you.

  18. Great video. I have parts I send out and need to find a good edm company. I'm looking for a "end point edm". Was this covered? Maybe there is a different name they called it. Basically I need to put a keyway in a blind hole and can not broach it obviously.

    Any feedback would be great.
    Thanks again for all the fantastic content.


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