In this lesson, we will learn what is an adjective phrase in details.

What is an adjective phrase?

An adjective phrase is a phrase- a group of words without the subject-verb combination, that modifies a noun or a pronoun.


1. The movie was (surprisingly good).

2. She is (a highly passionate) girl.

3. A trip (with my friends) is my dream.

So, like an adjective, an adjective phrase can also appear in the following places:

1. In the begining of a sentence/ before the noun it modifies.

2. In the middle of a sentence/ after the noun it modifies.

3. At the end of a sentence.

1. (Your overly excited) friend is dancing.

2. (Betrayed by his girlfriend), monu committed suicide.

3. A guy (smarter than me) will solve this puzzle.

4. The girl wearing the blue t-shirt lives next to my house.

5. Her behaviour was (highly rude).

6. The last question was (very difficult to solve).

Sometimes an adjective phrase does not have an adjective in it. It starts with the following:

1. A preposition
2. A participle
3. An infinitive

Preposition phrases

1. I don’t like movies (with no stories).

Preposition phrase working as an adjective- with no stories

2. I have a picture of your childhood.

Preposition phrase working as an adjective- of your childhood

What is a participle?

A participle is a word that is formed from a verb which works as an adjective.

3. The guys (sleeping on the floor) is my friend.

Participle phrase working as an adjective- sleeping on the floor

Participle – sleeping (present participle)

4. The shop (built next to my house) is huge.

Participle phrase working as an adjective- built next to my house

Participle- built (past participle)

5. I don’t know a person (to trust blindly).

Infinitive phrase- to trust blindly

Infinitive- to trust

6. He is the guy (to look out for in the next match).

Infinitive phrase- to look out for in the next match

Infinitive- to look out

Note: When an adjective phrase does not have an adjective in it, we generally call it an adjectival phrase.

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