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For those of your that want a video tour of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad W530, I decided to put

this up just for you. Yes, you. The one who is reading this.

Complete Lenovo ThinkPad W530 Unboxing:

RAM Installation & Keyboard Removal Walk-through: Lenovo ThinkPad W530:

Lenovo.com’s W530 Product Page:

The exact 2 x 8GB sticks of RAM in the video:

Lenovo ThinkPad Takes a Drink of Water:



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  1. DisplayPort Kensington lock also you forgot to mention that that yellow USB is always on power even while the ThinkPad is off and I think that other USB black Port is SATA USB combo I also thought you skipped the Express card slot and the back vent is the intake and the left side vent is the exhaust

  2. well, the black button is thinkvantage button, if you still have your recovery partition – and something bad happen with ur windows, just push that black button during boot up screen, and it gonna recover the windows to the factory complete with all drivers and apps from factory.

  3. LOL, so dumb and knows nothing about LENOVO past machines and gives a review 😀 That black button is the unique and sophisticated LENOVO special functions/recovery button which is the key for a whole complex hardware checking/driver update/OS recovery applications and the protected reserved space on the HDD/SSD… that port is the HDMI…

  4. my keyboard kinda sucks…it is a w530 but it seems to only have a light next to the camera to light up the keyboard instead of a keyboard backlit… is it just me or its just my model?

  5. ? how did you do the graphics at the end the video to link to the other videos.very nice way to lead into other videos

  6. You are looking lenovo thinkpad fully loaded pc with 2Gb nvidia dont ask about graphics like as children !!!

  7. You should work on being about ten times LESS annoying. I'm sure that if you leave this comment up it will get quite a few thumbs ups. I'd also like to mention that the w530 comes with the Dvorak keyboard, which is really nice.

  8. Thanks for the first two tips! Always appreciated To clarify though, Fn+Space bar is still just the LED light with two options: On and Off.

  9. Nice video. Few comments:

    The small port next to the VGA is the micro displayport same as you can find on a Mac. Now you can connect 2 monitors plus the laptop display so you will have a 3 monitor configuration. Much better than Mac can do!

    The small hole on the right is a Kensington lock hole, man.

    The light key on the space key lets you turn on and off keyboard back light! Hold Fn and the light key to toggle between low keyboard backlit – high keyboard backlit – overhead hight.


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