Upgrade your Trackpad to Windows Precision Trackpad || Windows 10 Touchpad Gestures

Here’s a simple laptop hack to make your laptop trackpad or touchpad way better! A software trick to improve accuracy, scrolling and gestures on your Windows laptop.

These Drivers were not exactly meant to work the way we are going to use them but I have tested these drivers on many Windows 10 Laptops and they worked fine. Nevertheless you can take backup of your old drivers before updating, if something should go wrong!

1 – Figure out which type of trackpad you have in Device Manager
2 – Download one of these files from Lenovo

Elan Trackpads:

Synaptics Trackpads:

3 – Run the downloaded file to extract the contents to – C:/Drivers
4 – In Device Manager – Right click Elan Touchpad or Synaptics Touchpad
5 – Click on Update Driver – Browse my computer – Let me pick – Have Disk
6A – For Laptops with Elan drivers choose ETD.inf
6B – For Laptops with Synaptics drivers choose SynPD.inf
7 – Reboot
8 – Profit

Laptops that this has worked on:

Razer Blade Stealth
Razer Blade 14
Some Hp Envy devices
Some HP x360 devices
Most Hp Pavillion devices
Most new Asus Gaming Laptops running Elan drivers
Most Dell Inspiron devices
Most Lenovo devices (of-course it is a lenovo driver!)

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