– English vocabulary to describe nature. We learn 7 amazing words that will bring your English to life. These 7 words can be used in many situations, not just to describe nature.

We learn about these adjectives:
1. Picturesque
2. Striking
3. Breath-taking
4. Awesome (in awe)
5. Scenic
6. Exquisite
7. Splendid

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Filming: Duncan Scott

Video Transcript:

OK, we are gonna learn some English today.
We’re here in the mountains in Thailand.
This is not your normal classroom.
But it gives you a good chance to learn what the words mean in English.
So, when I look around, I think about the word picturesque.
Picturesque means there is a beautiful picture.
You can see it with the eyes. This is called picturesque.
Some other ways to describe something so amazing like this, would be striking.
Like you’ve been struck by lightning, when you see this you feel struck.
It’s striking; it is truly amazing.
Some other words, breath-taking.
When you look at this, I think sometimes you wanna (exhale sound) take a deep breath.
This is a breath-taking view.
You’ve got the mountains that are breath-taking.
You got a striking view of the valley here behind us here.
What other words can we use to describe such an awesome view?
The word awe; it comes from awesome.
I’m in awe. This view, it makes me in awe. It’s so awesome.
So we try to describe the landscape with different words, different language.
Some other synonyms we could use is scenic.
Scenic comes from the word scene.
We’ve got the scene all around us here.
The adjective is scenic.
What do you think about the scenery? Alright.
Some other words we could talk about, exquisite.
Exquisite, we could talk about, lady’s dress, maybe being exquisite.
We can talk about the nature being exquisite.
Exquisite is a high level of beauty.
When you look around here, this is truly exquisite.
Another word for exquisite is splendid.
Splendid, it just means absolutely amazing.
Splendid could describe a taste.
Something for the eyes. Some sense for the ears, like music.
This is a splendid view. OK, Duncan is holding the camera.
And Duncan is gonna show you what we are looking at here.
Duncan, could you take a little spin around please?
This is absolutely picturesque.
We can see the sun bouncing off of the mountains.
It’s a striking view. Breath-taking. Scenic.
Exquisite. Stunning. Splendid. Awesome.
So I hope these words help you guys describe some beautiful scenery you are looking at.
Alright. See you guys next time.


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  1. It's been splendid. .though I wonder if perhaps you could show the spelling of the words..thanx

  2. Hello, Mr. Luke! Would you mind telling me where you are from? I suppose Canada. Am I right or wrong? Thanks for all the great videos you've posted.

  3. hi . excellent video with fantastic vocabulary to describe it. thank you very much. Hope we ge lots of useful videos in future.


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