A ground-breaking extremer, the slim and stylish ThinkPad X1 Extreme, with its ultimate portability, extreme performance, creativity and superior security. Inherited the fine tradition of ThinkPad X1 series, ThinkPad X1 Extreme featured with incomparable thin and light figures, it packed with the discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics and the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors. The multi-monitor support helps multitasks accomplishing, 4K HDR display with Dolby® Vision™, Dolby® Audio™ Premium, Dolby® Atmos™*. Furthermore, innovative security features like ThinkShutter camera cover, Windows Hello facial recognition, and touch fingerprint reader make sure security and privacy are never problems you need to worry about. More:

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  1. I've been looking to switch from the latest MacBook Pro to an equivalent/superior Lenovo laptop, and my budget is about $5k. I want a version that does most everything, e.g., Office365, Adobe CC, Acrobat Pro, on-screen signing of documents, photos organization, business document organization, on-line Conference collaboration, cellular, fluid video, fast performance, durable, with at least 15" the best screen display available (I'm not a gamer). Unfortunately, the Lenovo product options are so expansive that I struggle to determine which series and model is more closely matched. Even within the Extreme Series, I can't tell which one is the most current with the most robust feature set. Heck, based on their website I'm not even sure if the ThinkPad P1 is superior to the Extreme X1with respect to performance and build quality. I've been using Apple products since 1983, and I almost always buy the most top-level and fully configured model available. I wish I could figure out how Lenovo ranks their laptops, because; as a consumer, their product line appears to be completely random.

  2. I laughed so hard at "Go ahead, beat the hell out of it" on their page talking about durability :))) so damn ballsy! Way to go Lenovo!

  3. Please be advised if you disable the Hybrid Graphics these devices will lock you out of the BIOS permanently – trying to send mine back as i type this

  4. If Lenovo bothered to quality control these machines they would be *incredible*. I am so disappointed with the assembly quality though — the chassis feels great and has no flex but the display on mine shipped warped enough for very visible backlight bleed around the corners and sides. The thermal and BIOS issues are getting ridiculous too. I don't think Lenovo understands the expectations of "prosumer" users willing to drop £3.5k on a laptop.

  5. I dislike "ThinkPad" logos on right corner. Lenovo please remove it or reduce size and change its position that not offend the eye. Thank you

  6. I was looking at the Dell XPS 15 but didn't like the thermal issues I was hearing about and well….bloat. Then looked at surface book 2 (and my wallet slapped me). But this…this I like. would be perfect for Adobe CC, blender and Premiere without the heft of the workstation option.

  7. LenOVO why dont you organise giveaways
    #hit like if you agree😍😘💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    These laptops make us seriously jealous

  8. If it can run Arch Linux flawlessly I'll buy it. I have high hopes since Lenovo just joined the Linux Vendor Firmware Service


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