There’s usually an inverse relationship in laptops between power and portability…and the X1 Extreme is what happens when Lenovo tries to balance both.

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  1. I got the gen2 of this one, and I love it. I'm a software dev and I use it with Linux.

    And yes is priced higher than it's "competitors" because this one is designed with milsepcs in mind, unlike it's competitors.

  2. I have been looking for well made reviews on this laptop that cover all the bases and this is by far the most thoughtful I have seen, thank you!

  3. This is the best X1E review I've seen. And thank god you mentioned that the trackpoint buttons are not for the trackpad.

  4. How is that drive slower? max throughput is not that important, most other scenarios favored the x1 drive according to your own numbers :).

  5. I was considering this but worried the gpu might be a little weak for CAD and CT-scan stuff. Went with a Razer instead. I miss the TrackPoint (I hate big TouchPads) and I'm a little bit bothered by the battery life. USB-C charging would have been great too. Great review!

  6. I am about to get this model as a remanufactured unit at 4k 1tb i7 and a great peice Your review helped me on the choice. Are you still using yours and how is the heating issue on the bottom when being used as a laptop. 🙂

  7. I have this laptop, I did a lot of mods, repaste, new thermal pads, removed the mesh on the bottom and upgraded the screen to a 144hz and still get 10 hours+ on battery. it's great 😉

  8. 8 hours of battery life is way more than what my budget HP laptop offers. I get at most 3.4 hours of battery life, and that's with an Intel Celeron CPU and integrated graphics. I think the battery is a 4-cell.

  9. Don't think thermal throttling means there's not enough power via type c. That would be more of a power limit. Seems like it's hitting thermal limit.

  10. You're the only person to really give love into the review of this laptop, thank you cause it really impacted my purchase decision!

  11. Lenovo laptops are like ugly girls with a good heart inside. No one thinks they look good at all but internally they are decent. It's 2019 and these laptops are still so ugly. Get rid of that stupid keyboard nub pointer ffs. Increase your touchpad size and reduce the bottom monitor bezels. Why people still buy these laptops is beyond comprehension. Just get an Dell XPS if you want something decent on the outside and inside.

  12. The battery life is really bad on my X1 Extreme 1st gen, I only get 3.5 hrs on "better battery" mode just for web surfing. On performance mode, it's on 2h45m. Because I work on the road, I returned my X1 Extreme for a full refund.

  13. Unfortunately nobody is testing the operation with a thunderbolt dock and an external display when internal display is closed (because it is below the desk on an office container), if there is a heat / noise / durability problem because of the covert back outgoing ventilation slot. Would you mind analyse this topic in your next review of Lenovo Extreme Gen. 2? Thanks for your great videos!


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