Here’s a review of one of the most popular 15.6″ business ultrabooks, the now 3-years old ThinkPad T550.

It’s true that there are already 2 successors on the market, the T560, T570 and T580, but I still think it’s one of the main contenders in the 15.6″ ultrabooks battle.

The main specs of the laptop I’ve tested are: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U 2.50GHz, Broadwell, 15.6″ Full HD TN display, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD.


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  1. It's a brilliant laptop. Just got one a month ago, I7-5600U 16GB RAM and 240 SSD for around 320 euros. Amazing value for 2019 and I think it's going to keep on humming for another few years.

    The keyboard is miles ahead of any Macbook

  2. Im saving up for Thinkpad Win10Pro in I AM IN CANADA and a computer shop used MacBooks and Lenovo products is a Thinkpad T-?? can't remember the model of it I think it is a T-540S and I'm going to get for Christmas 2019 only $329.99 CAD dollars plus HST TAX with a DVD CD DRIVE TO WATCH DVD TV SHOWS LIKE South Park THE SIMPSONS

  3. I got one for $379 and it's topped out with the 3k panel, TS, i7, 16GB, 512gb ssd. That alone makes it amazing for 2019.

  4. Is it better than t540p since it has slower "u"cpu? Are than other advantages when compared to t540p, like display quality?

  5. Love Lenovo's! I just purchased one of these. I was using a T430, but I needed the full keyboard. This is an excellent computer. I have two hard drives in it and 16GB RAM. Nice battery life for a used laptop.

  6. 1:25 "The keyboard is very, very sturdy. You don't see any flex what so ever." – Proceeds to bend the entire keyboard repeatedly. 180 IQ

  7. My T550 is running short of space and as per my requirement, planning to upgrade storage. Please could you help me decide

    Thinkpad T550


    Can I replace my 16 GB M.2 SSD(cache drive) with 128GB M.2 SSD and boot windows from this drive?

    I want to use my existing HDD alongside 128 GB M.2 SSD and do not want to compromise on Wifi connectivity

    Your guidance will help me decide if i should purchase a M.2 SSD or SSD replacement against HDD

  8. hi,
    i own the same model and looking for it's LCD back panel cover.
    Any available source ,pls wats UP on 92494148000


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