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Game recorded on: Xbox 360 (Backwards Compatibility)
Update Version 1.00
Difficulty: Normal

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The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Synopsis

The game’s prologue reveals that Bruce Banner has exiled himself in a cabin in the American badlands as he attempts to create a machine to cure himself, transforming into the Hulk and letting off steam in an area where he cannot endanger innocent people. Banner is making little progress on the machine, and his health is deteriorating rapidly. However, Banner’s friend Doc Samson contacts Banner and asks him to come to his hideout where they can build the machine together, but Banner refuses, as he does not want to endanger anyone.


Mission 23 & Ending //
– Defeat: The Abomination (0:52)


Recorded On: Xbox 360 (Backwards Compatibility)
Platform’s: Xbox, Playstation 2, Game Cube
Mode’s: Single-player


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