In this lesson, you can learn how to describe your hometown in English. Describing your hometown is useful for your conversational English, and could also help you in exams such as the IELTS speaking exam or the FCE speaking exam.
Where do you live? Do you live in a small town, a big city, or a remote village? What’s it like? Learn how to describe these things and more in this lesson on talking about your hometown.

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1. Introducing Your Hometown 0:35
2. Adding Background and Details 2:11
3. Saying What You Like about Your Hometown 5:27
4. Saying what You Dislike about Your Hometown 8:55
5. Describing How Your Hometown Has Changed Over Time 11:53
6. Review 14:55

You can learn:

– How to introduce where you live.
– How to describe your hometown in detail.
– How to say what you like or dislike about your hometown.
– How to talk about the ways your hometown has changed.
– How to build a longer, detailed, interesting answer to describe your hometown in English!

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  1. I've watched several Oxford online English. It is worthwhile. It really suits EFL learners every level because we have learned techniques, language, and pronunciation. Moreover, teacher has a gorgeously warm speaking voice. I am teaching English to student at college in Lao PDR.

  2. I was born and grew up in a Belgrade. It is the largest and capital city of Serbia. Belgrade is a great place to live. It s got a rich of culture and there is night life a lot. Belgrade is charming city which has many cobble streets from older centuries, but somtimes crowded to much and dirty. Our goverment cant deal with polution air. Belgrade is almost unrecognisable to compared 20 years. Today Belgrade is contemporary and sprawling city with imposing buldings .

  3. i live in vinh phuc, which is a small city, I have lived there since I was born, It's a quiet place and it's small enough that you can get to know your neighbors and have a sense of community and very peaceful place.the cost of living there is suit for me. i love it

  4. I live in a big city. It's the second largest city after Tashkent which is the capital city of Uzbekistan and beautiful place to live. I've been living here for close to four years now. It has plethora of unique and historical landmarks to offer and welcomes everybody all over the world. To some extend, there are more than 500 Islamic artchitectural buildings which play as role of magnet to attract many people from early century. Also one thing comes to one's mind about the city is cuisine which well know for it's mouthwatering traditional foods, breads and chemical-free fruits. The city has changed quite a lot for the past twenty years. The city has been widened due to increasing number of population and many buildings have been raised for living but traffic can an issue like many cities. Nature is also available which is one – hour ride apart from the city center, one can travel to Nurota mountains when they want to get rid of hustle and bustle of the city and explore off the beaten track. Our hospitable nations welcome all of you to our city.

  5. I live in Kathmandu. It's a valley surrounded by mountains. It's a kind of dusty city. Kathmandu has got lots of temples. It's a cultural city. It is also famous for momo. Weather is good here. It's a good city to live except for the dusty environment.

  6. my home town is Kelaniya city in Sri lanka. it is small city, but one of the major historical city of countrie. land mark such as a kelaniya historical temple and kelaniya univercity and famous river is kelaniya river starting from kelaniya. majority singhaleese buddhism people live in my home town. people living peacefull and harmoney. kelaniya main road have traffic in rush time. transport facilities are very good. i like to living there because of majority, my religeon culture. it has a middle class culture. sometime little boaring, no night time life in my city. living on cost very high in my home town. it is so many changes from last 20yrs. mainly transport facilities highly developing and new construction road and bridge. new highway bridge constructed from my city to katunayaka airport. finally i wished tripple gem blessed to my Home town.

  7. I live in Hanoi, the capital city. I have been living there since I passed the university. Hanoi is got such a rich culture for 1000-year history. It’s famous for its landmarks such us Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, the Temple of Literature and Quoc Tu Giam…Hanoi is well-known for its good foods. Hanoi’s popular dishes are pho, bun-thang, bun-cha, com…Hanoi people are known for their calmness, elegance, friendliness. However, it’s really crowded and it can be exhausting to live there. Air quality can be an issue, particularly in the summer.The cost of living is really high. Hanoi has changed a lot in the last twenty years. However, the soul of the capital city is still there. Hanoi will always be Hanoi!

  8. I live in a Haiphong city. It’s a huge, bustling city. It’s famous for its landmarks such us Cat Ba beach, Do Son beach, Hang pagoda…I really like Haiphong because it’s a young city with lots of energy. Haiphong is captivating with the peacefulness, generosity and especially the cultural, spiritual values of the land at the sea estuary. However, it’s quite crowded at the city center and traffic can be an issue. Haiphong is almost unrecognisable compared to twenty years ago.The city has expanded so much, both physically and economically. However, the soul of the city is still there. I really love Haiphong.

  9. i live in chafchoune is known as the blue jewel .I like my city because it has every thing i need ;i lived in my city for many years . we do not have traffic this is why i love it it calm .

  10. I live in Hung Yen,which in the Northern of Vietnam.It's quite a beautiful place to live that I can't image living anywhere else! My hometown is a young city with many factories and foreiner companies for young people to develop their careers.It also has a rich culture with many pagodas and temples.Hung Yen has changed a lot in last 20 years-it is more modern and energetic than it used to.Although air pollution and traffic jam are big issues,there's an ideal place to live.

  11. I live in lahore. It is the second largest city of pakistan .It is capital city of province Punjab, situated at the bank of River Ravi.lahore is a historical city nd also the hub of cultural activities,famous artists of film industry(loly wood) live here. it is also known for its spicy food in all over the depicts the traditionals norms , values and as well as modernism .Lahore was bulit by the mughal emperor Aurangezab.This city has its own charm.Lahories give warm welcome to the outsiders, they have big heart,that's why it is called the heart of is said about the city "those who have not seen lahore they are not even born"However, city is getting modern day by day.From all over the country people come to work here due to this lahore has become a populous and comercial city. I love my city and can't live anywhere else.It's environment is full of love and affection because people are not materialistic .life is very balanced here.Infact lahore cast a spell on its visitors,indeed above of all its privilege to live here.i don't dislike anything about lahore as the famous saint Data Ali Hajwari and poet of east Dr Allama Iqbal lived there ,I have some spiritual connections ,so i like everthing of lahore.

  12. I'm from Razgrad, which is a lovely small city located in northeastern Bulgaria.
    Its history dates back to Ancient Rome – Razgrad was built upon the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Abritus.

    Razgrad's notable landmarks include Abritus Interactive Museum, the characteristic clock tower in the city centre, the St Nicholas Church from the 19th century and the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque from the 16th century.
    These are the historical symbols of my hometown. Nowadays, Razgrad is widely recognisable for being home to the famous football club Ludogorets Razgrad, who have entered the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

    I've lived in Razgrad for 23 years. Living in a quiet city like Razgrad suits me.
    It's a lovely place and small enough that you can get to know your neighbours and have sense of a community.
    Compared to the big city, there are no traffic jams or crowded streets.
    Although it's a nice place to live, I find it a bit boring. There is not much to do in this city.
    Also, due to a lack of job opportunities people struggle to make ends meet.

    In my opinion, Razgrad hasn't changed much in the last twenty years. The population still consists of elderly people, as more and more young people prefer to live and to work in big cities, where they can find better resources and greater opportunities.

  13. I live in a huge village in Latakia,
    Latakia is a costal city in Syria and it is known for its diversity of landscaps from green mountains to sandy beaches .
    Living in a quiet village with attractive nature suits me, some people find it a bit boring because there is not much nightlife but that isnt a big matter for me because i spend my time working, learning and practising outside so i think the best thing i need after a long busy day is to back to a quiet place for relax and sleep.

  14. I live in Phu Quoc . It's the largeat island in Việt Nam. It's the beautiful place to live. Phu Quoc island boasts cdyllic beaches, romatic sunset, evergreen forest, and a clean atmosphere, making it an ideal holiday destination for traveller looking to escape bustling city life. I've lived here all my life and i can't imagine lining anywhere else! I love everything here. But the grabage is increasing and i hope to find a solution in the future. Phu Quoc has changed a lot in last ten year. It's much more modern much more tourists these day. Unfortunately, the cost of living has also gone up quite a lot .

  15. I live in Trieste. I was born in Trieste and I've always lived there. Trieste is a small seaside town in the North-East part of Italy, near the Slovenian border. In the past Trieste was an important port of the Austro-Ungaric empire, now it's a small quiet town and for this reason I like living here. I don't like big cities with a lot of people, a lot of of traffic, a lot of noise, I really prefer quiet places. The centre of the town is nice, but I expecially enjoy the surrounding area, the "Carso".

  16. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. It's a biggest and noisy city in Viet Nam. I have lived in Ho Chi Minh since I was a student. Ho Chi Minh is famous for hospital and kind people. Living in Ho Chi Minh City, I cán meet people from over the world. Ho Chi Minh city is beautiful but the air polution can be an issue. Ho Chi Minh City has changed a lot in the last 5 years. It has more and more landmarks.

  17. Well,I live in Jalandhar city.It is an ancient city of North Indian state Punjab.I have been living here since my birth.It love my city very much.It has got such a rich culture.It is a bustling city.It is famous for Its landmarks such as Pushpa Gujral science city,Devi Talab Temple, Reliance Mall and many more places.But it need to improve drainage system,because when rainfall water logged on the roads, which effects the lives of people.

  18. Thanks for your channel. I feel lucky because I have found the useful channel to learn English. I will be motived to learn everyday

  19. Thank you so much for such a helpful lesson!
    I live in Hangzhou, which is on the south east coast of China. It's a huge and bustling city. It's famous for its landmarks such as West lake and Linying Temple. It's also well known for its green tea, what we call dragon well tea, and food, of course. I was born and brought up here so I have lived here all my life. I think it's a great to place to live because it's a real 24 hour city with lots of energies, and there is so much to do. On top of that, it has many beautiful places with natural scenery, so you can easily find somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle and relax. The only downside is that the traffic is extremely busy especially during the rush hours. Air quality can also be an issue particularly in winters. Hangzhou has changed quite a lot as a place in the last 20 years or so. It has expanded tremendously both physically and economically. It is an emerging tech hub and home to the e-commerce giant Alibaba. More and more people are moving here to live and work. Inevitably, the population and cost of living have gone up quite a lot.

  20. I live in a Village, named Adalaj, It is in Gandhinagar district. It is a quiet place to live, but not boring. It is situated between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, two big important cities in Gujarat, So I get the benefits of a smaller and peaceful place and as well as an energetic and interesting place. Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat is 6 kilometers away from my village and Ahmedabad, the busiest city of Gujarat is 6 kilometers away from my village. It suits me. I really like to live in Adalaj. It is also a heritage city. It is known for its stepwell. The stepwell was built by queen Rudabai. There are many tourists these days. The village hasn't changed as a place in the last 10 years, but the mix of people is a bit different nowadays. There are many migrated people living in Adalaj. The thing which I really don't like about Adalaj is more labor workers living here including many people from other parts of India. We get public transport to all over Gujarat from my village.

  21. Hello! I'm from Kazakhstan from Almaty. Almaty is a big sity in Kazakhstan. There are live more than two million people. Almaty have changed quite seriously than 20 yaers ago. Most of people are young. Almaty is beautiful with mountains, nature, lakes, etc. But i want to live in Los Angeles because there is weither is perfect always.

  22. I have been living in Hyderabad for about 5 years. Hyderabad is also an industrial city .most of the phamacetical companys are in Hyderabad and most of them living are in Hyderabad. It's famous for its landmarks such as Golconda, charminar and Nehru zoo park exc…. It's also well known for its food. Even if we get 8000 rup salary , we will survive .the cost of living is really low I spend around 3500 rup to live in Hyderabad. i like Hyderabad because I would like to eat Hyderabady biryani .this item is more famous in Hyderabad.

  23. i live in İstanbul which is one of the biggest city in the world.The city has a lot of historical places and unique bosphorus view definitely.Generally i love live in here but it’s a little problem as every metropolitan city.For example,as you guess,stressful traffic and approximately 20 million human who are living .Despite everything, I would not prefer Istanbul to any city.🇹🇷🤚🏻By the way hello everyone from turkey


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