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Hong Kong protesters crippled transport links and jammed roads causing chaos across the city for a third consecutive day on November 13, 2019.Wednesday’s actions follow fiery battles the night before at Chinese University (CUHK) in Sha Tin as police and protesters locked horns in a full-day clash, marked by petrol bombs thrown by protesters, and tear gas and rubber bullets fired by officers.Most of Hong Kong’s universities have announced classes will either be suspended until next week or replaced entirely with online lectures until the end of the semester.

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  1. 呢啲咪叫做戆鸠黑暴废廢青囉!





  2. Now we all known the result of the game over is those idiots crying and said "we want to leave this place". They don't say "This is our campus and we want to protect it" any more.

  3. This is how many bottles of bear they had to drink to fill the petrol bombs
    I don't have arrow down thing

  4. The govt and cops should just leave them hanging , cause all the chaos they did and properties destroyed they be sitting there waiting for days and nothing .. haha

  5. These comments are the most saddening thing. The police are brutalising the HK protestors. The HK government still refuses to acknowledge that its police are a danger to the population. If you look at reports from inside a protest, you will see how much the HK protestors care for each other. And if anyone has any idea about what is happening, you would know that protesting holds a 10 year prison sentence. Their government has done this to themselves. And now Hong Kong is burning

  6. Don't let Chinese farms Hong Kong people like uyghurs
    Come on Hong Kong you're all our heroes , don't back down !

  7. After this saga no future no University certificate, no home, no foods, no money, no mtr, lastly at least prison cells with 2 meals a day, heroes needs to be applause

  8. Masked heroes why didn't go shenzhen next door and show your powers? Real enemies next door? Why destroy own turf? Scared of pla? Show the world u can, also remember bring along isis black democracy flags

  9. I can see clearly "freedom & democracy" that the West called !
    看到了,”光复“香港的前景 !美国中局说:“香港的年青人太了不起了!!!”

  10. These loser rioters have the rest of their lives to suffer. Nobody gonna employ a criminal. No job from now until they die. In hong kong everything very expensive. They gonna kiss the feet of Shenzen residents for coins.

  11. HK protesters of the past: creative, full with eyes-opening ways of thinking, have an actual reason, etc.
    HK protesters now: disrespect, lame, no real reason, rude, ruining the city with no purpose.

  12. Where the video is mostly recorded is literally where I pass through to get to school everyday


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