2017 World Championship Finals #Worlds2017

Samsung Galaxy vs. SK telecom T1

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  1. Ambition unbelivable story……from best mid to defeated man from retaired guy to jg to random team to revenge

  2. 50:10 "the SKT dynasty is over"
    we didn't know how true that was, SKT hasn't made it to a single international finals since, and there have been two different world champions since, both from China.

  3. Reversing the two digits of the minutes from an important timeline, we have another equally important timeline.
    93:20 ==> Manchester City's victory (5 years ago)
    39:20 ==> Samsung Galaxy's victory

  4. 49:13 I'm not even a League of Legends player but I watched this with a friend and this moment… I will never forget 🙏

  5. Cho'Gath being instrumental in SSG's victory. Cho'Gath being instrumental in that entire season.
    Yet there was no SSG Cho'Gath, or Victorious Cho'Gath.

  6. These moments come back to me: we are about to embark on this journey again in the next couple of weeks. Can SKT reign once again? Will IG successfully defend their title? And so many more moments in between.

  7. This has to be my most favorite world championship game because I get to see my top 3 favorite champions (Varus, Lulu and Karma) being picked and played by pros and 2 of them even use my favorite skins too (Heartseeker Varus and Winter Wonder Lulu), if only Faker used Warden Karma skin then my life would be complete 😀

  8. The best part about a team or a player being heralded as gods is when they fall all the way down it's so satisfying to see all the built up hype come crashing down


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