The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is different than most tablets — it features a built-in projector. We tried the device out for a few days to see if it’s worth the $500 price tag.


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  1. i have it for 3 years not so good for browsing or games but amazing for youtube and netflix and reading comics
    i also like watching old cartoons on it with the projector on the ceiling on my bed, could have the ultimate tablet with better hardware

  2. Why don't you just show people the projection instead of talking about it….Shhh People are weird….I know it's an old video now…But still do something right..Every video that talked about this projector capable tablet non showed this in practical way….Western people really hate practicality but loves talking and loves to sound intelligent….Without any practicality…
    Annoying… And people still behaving like this…wow

  3. Who's paying you? Even the website says it can only go up to 70". And at 50 lumens, you're going to have to use it in a completely dark room; which you never mentioned at all.

  4. I made a video on this tablet,its really fun to own one of these but like he said in the video it belongs to a niche market,not the best for productivity or gaming but great for media consumer's.

  5. All gibberish

    Even when talking about the performance I can't say we gather any information about it. I can't even call it a poor information about the performance

    If I wanna buy something to take a picture with it I wouldn't buy a tablet. I have a mobile phone for it.. geez

    Don't waste your time with that video. I sum it up for you all. blah blah blah camera, blah blah blah projector, blah blah blah resolution, blah blah blah the wall.. The End

  6. This has to be the future, every desktop has a wall behind it so you can watch and film and do work at the same time! Obviously needs Windows 10 for that. And if the battery lasts that long they can surely afford to beef up the projector lumens to at least double.

  7. I've had this device for about 4 months now, and I've come to learn a few things that people may want to know. First of all, it's actually a High End tablet sporting the Quad Core Intel Atom x 5-Z8500 processor which is one of the strongest processors for tablets around yet.

    But unfortunately this device came with a lot of software bugs and needed tons of updates, so if you try it for the first time (out of the box) it will seem very sluggish – even to way cheaper tablets, so I suggest you all UPDATE it to the fullest. Follow the reccomended updates, yes…it will take a LOT of time and tons of resets (just like windows, even despite being android), but it will be worth your while.

    After the updates – the thing runs like a speed daemon! It outperforms some of the most expensive "Air" laptops I've tested from a brand I won't mention the name of (because of the fanboys hatred), I managed to squeeze 3 more frames on a javascript game which is super intensive on the CPU (called manyland), and it outperformed a 2000 dollar competitor. How cool is that?

    It does have its bugs – you have to reset it after a few days in order to get performance on top again, it tend to get sluggish when you visit certain super heavy web-pages and for some reason this remains inside the memory until you restart the device.

    Other than that – this is a performer, it is blazing fast. The projector is super useful, and the speaker performance is as good as an external "small portable" bluetooth speaker. The battery time is very good and can last ALL day on average use. Not to mention the back camera that comes with a very good macro focus function and takes more than decent images.

    For the 500 bucks I paid for this device, it more than exceed my expectations. But beware – you DO need to update TONS of times in order to get full performance!



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