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How to find RAR file password:-
If you have tried to open a password-protected RAR file that you forgot the password, you need to rely on a simple-to-use program that’s called “Refixer RAR password Recovery.” The Refixer RAR Password Cracker is the most popular and fastest method that helps you to recover or open all types of RAR password-protected files. This Rar password Unlocker is a unique program that is specially designed to recover WinRAR and WinZip passwords. Refixer Rar password Cracker can quickly recover lost passwords for RAR archives of almost all newer versions. This RAR password cracker uses four different and unique methods, i.e., brute-force, dictionary, masked, and smart techniques that can immediately recover forgotten RAR file password with the help of these features. Also, Self-extracting archives and multivolume archives are supported. It is one of the fastest RAR password recovery software, with the optimization for the latest x86 and x64-bit operating systems. The Refixer RAR password recovery tool built with a robust encryption algorithm that supports GPUs on NVIDIA and AMD using CUDA and OpenCL technologies. It has advanced features to optimize for various-core CPUs to reset RAR passwords speedily. You can accelerate the recovery process with Multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, and ATI OpenCL GPUs.
There are various features found within this RAR Password Cracker tool. This software runs different processes to recover the locked RAR file password, you just need to Load a password-protected file, and choose the method that you want to use.

Dictionary Attack:
The software comes with a unique dictionary attack feature that helps people to find out RAR file passwords with predictable combinations of numbers and letters. It also allows using dictionary words while Attack and uses random numbers and letters to help to crack the password.

Brute-Force attack:
This method defines the minimum and maximum character length. You can also set parameters including alphabets, special symbols, space, and numbers to crack the RAR file password.

Phonetic attack:
This method uses different keywords combinations in mixed upper-case and lower-case characters. Set minimum and maximum password character length and use a large number of date combinations for better search.

There are lots of other useful features of the Refixer Rar password unlocker:
1- Text logs that record activity each time a password is reset
2- Almost All RAR versions support, including the latest RAR 7.x
3- RAR password unlocker software with no limitations.
4- During the tests, the process may 2x speedy.
5- Totally Free & Safe and Works with All Windows versions.
6- Recover RAR password at high speed by using advanced SSE technology.

How to Crack Rar Password:
Now it is possible to unlock any RAR password within a short time.
Step 1- Download and install the RAR password cracker tool, then launch it.
Step 2- Now click the “Load File” button and import a locked RAR file.
Step 3- Now choose one of the following methods: combination attack, Dictionary attack, Mask attack, or Brute Force Attack mode to crack RAR file password.
Step 4- After complete, all the parameter settings, just hit on the Start button to begin the cracking. This cracking procedure usually takes 5 to 6 minutes based on your password length and complexly.
Step 5- Once the password found, use it to open your locked RAR file. Enjoy.

Final Words:
Now you can Quickly recover forgotten passwords from encrypted RAR archives created by any applications, including the latest version of WinZip and WinRAR. Although the Refixer Rar password unlocker has a user-friendly interface and promises to be easy to use. No need for any coding skills to use this RAR password unlocker. Also, who has never used software of this type before have not troubled to get to grips with it.


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  1. sirve solo si ven el log del programa siempre con texto en negro, cuando pasa a rojo ai ya significa que no servira la pass que de al final asique ni bien vean que se pone en rojo el texto saquenlo para no esperar mas de 8hs para nada.

  2. Wasted my precious 18 hours for nothing i try it on 2 different files and both failed i using dual Rtx2070 Super it took 9 hours to crack one file and it said unrefixable wtf

  3. Its fully cracked version, No need any email and serial.
    Download Link:


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