Today we begin Project X, a look through a variety of X1 series products created by Lenovo. We start with one of the most iconic entries, the 2nd generation X1 Carbon with Adaptive Keyboard. Not pictured, but Linux ran great on it too with most of the Adaptive Keys still operating.

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  1. Thanks for making the video! Is it possible to clean the touchbar rust? I'm now waiting for a new motherboard with an i7 4600U + 8G to replace the original i5 4210U + 4G.

  2. What a great video! Very informative and comprehensive, leaves no questions! This might be the best tech review video I ever saw. I found one with i7 4600U + 8GB + 256GB in great condition for 500 usd and was considering buying it (this is a really good price for this laptop in Turkey). Thanks to you I know the ram is soldered, so my search for another decent daily carry laptop continues! 😛

  3. what a great review! thank you so much. Currently buying one in box pack condition and this review was to the point!

  4. Hi

    How do you remove or replace the discolouration. You said it was removable from the front. Would you mind making a video on how to do that and fix the discolouration. Thanks

  5. Been watching one of these as well, even the i5 with 4gb gigs ram version can be a great choice and still useful for quite some time.. (there are plenty of linux distros for that).. an overall great machine, and pretty cool both on build quality and design. that's another great pick and review from this channel !! all the best!!

  6. I have been considering one of these for a while. I have this, a 2015 Chromebook Pixel, Lenovo C630 Chromebook 4k and the X1 Carbon on my list. They'll all do what I want and various price ranges. What kind of battery life does the X1 Carbon 2nd Gen get?

  7. just bought an old secondhand X1 Carbon 2nd gen on July 17 2019 (3 days ago) in very good condition. and good! I've no issue altough been using 2018 macbook pro for 6 months. it's lighter and has the same touchbar haha

  8. Still using mine today since I got it new in early 2014. You get used to the weird keyboard and I personnaly endend up loving it. I almost never use the adaptive bar options. I just leave it in f keys mode. Upgrading soon to a 6th gen X1

  9. Would probably hunt for a decent second-hand ThinkPad X1 Carbon to replace my ThinkPad Helix second-generation. X1 Tablets are hard to come by in my locale

  10. Thank you for the very interesting video about a laptop that I find very rare in the number of reviews online. This one is indeed bizarre

  11. wery iteresting laptop, I own X1C1 and it all over different) But I like it laptop, it's have nice screen, it's portable and preaty poverfull, but there is only one issue: trottling. I offered liquid metal and waiting to upgrade)

  12. You should review the original X1 (non-carbon) or the T431, or some other transition-era oddball Thinkpads.

  13. The keyboard on the Carbon looks claustrophobic compared to the keyboard on the T480 (very comfy keyboard with TONS of extra keys) even though both laptops have a display that is the same physical size. Can easily see why the strip was removed on the Carbon in short order. Who ever came up the bizarre keyboard design with the Carbon should be put in the stocks, LOL. One of Lenovo's worst ThinkPad design blunders.

  14. I have a X1C1 that somehow shortcuircuits/shutsdown/wont boot when the hinges are at a specific angle. I completely disassembled the display, but could not find any defective part…
    I also own a X1C3 as my daily driver, with a dock.
    How do you watch videos on them? All of them (even my T420 with an i7 2560qm) struggles with 60fps videos and amazon prime.. its not enjoyable or the temps go 90+
    I even installed scripts in the browser to force 30fps, but this on Yt.. its cant choose the.Fps independately as with the resolutio

  15. Lenovo aren't the first manufacturer to come out with a laptop that had something similar to the infamous Touchbar. HP was the first manufacturer to do it with the HP 6730b (a business laptop that was released in 2009; look at the strip – ).

  16. What turned me away from certain ThinkPad models were the keyboards after a couple of minutes my fingers would start to hurt. I went back to my X220 and Thinkpad T430 (swapped keyboard for the T420 keyboard).

  17. "Voice activation is not set…but who cares,"–how I feel about all things of late with voice activation…it's cool, but I'm simple. lol

    Thank you for doing this series overall.

  18. I had a second generation X1C for a couple of months last year before the motherboard failed. When I complained about it and sought advice on Reddit, there were quite a few other people who either themselves or their friends had the same thing happen within the last year or two. So perhaps buyer beware. Oh, and decent replacement batteries are just about non-existant for this and the first generation X1C.


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