I ended up in a game with Faker and didn’t even realize it. I matched up against him mid lane, lux vs azir monkaS 😟 i got clapped.
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  1. Hi, everyone! We tried uploading this video yesterday, but ran into some problems shortly after it went live and had to re-upload. Sorry if you're seeing this for a second time, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!
    Also, I didn't know it was faker at the time but found out after :O

  2. Dies to enemy laner which happens to be a World champion Challenger Teammates : sToP inTiNg. And they get killed, « he’s fed that’s why ». It’s funny that even a sport like football with an history of violence among the fans with hooligans is much more positive : when someone does something sick, he is praised, no one blames the defender when Messi is being Messi.

  3. Honey. You can't 1v1 him. He's got an army of dead people you can't touch made of sand who can troll you and an ulti which takes half the map away from you if you decide to run when he hits it.

  4. O minha filha isso é o faker aonde? Porque todo mundo sabe que o nick dele não é esse mentirosa. Passando vergonha aí no YouTube.


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