Review of the 2019 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2. My favourite laptop from lenovo has been refined making it one of the best options for creators looking for a think and light Windows laptop that packs a lot of performance.

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  1. Here it is 2nd Gen from Lenovo! Still my favourite ThinkPad. It may not offer a huge performance upgrade but it makes some key refinements turning an even more solid product. Hit me up on discord if you have questions!

  2. WOW, he gets 3 hour before you have to charge it. My laptop is a HP Windows 10 and I only get 45 Mins before I have to charge it! THAT'S just so sad. 😂

  3. Hey there! Check your x1 Extreme for missing keystrokes. Is it present? it seems it is widely spread problem.

  4. Do you think a new version of this laptop with the new AMD 4000 processors might come out? Could be really good

  5. My own X1E G2 with the 4KIPS Display has a MAX runtime of 4h when using it very thoroughly on minimal Settings. With optimal powersettings and doing a bit of slightly excessive websurfing you can quickly drop to ca 2.5h runtime.

    I had first a completely failed Keyboard which took 2 attempts to fix (thank god I purchased it with onsite Support), then it still has a mushy typing feeling and even although I am not a fast typer it manages to loose keys occasionally. (see the very excessice Lenovo Forum thread. It seems a Standard Problem!)

    Another issue is microstuttering and hangs: you have frequent short hangs and on longer Sessions 1-2 longer hangs where it becomes unresponsive. Streaming often leads to desynchonisation of Audio and Video which doesn't even happen on my old trusty x230. It's NOT suited for Audio Work!
    Miserable Latency.

    Not the best Laptop Lenovo did. For the price I'm super annoyed. (No, unfortunately I can't return it).

  6. does Lenovo allow you to to adjust the fan curve? like start all MAX FAN mode for some render works? I think I might spend the extra 600€ and get this one… even though I will miss the thin XPS bezels…

  7. How important is the 4K display? I'm actually working on a 4K display now and think about going back to a 1080P to get better battery performance. Also you get a 450 euro discount and more nits and dolby vision on the 1080P. Or is this a stupid thought?

  8. Hi Matthew, great video ! I just have one concern about this thinkpad x1 extreme 2nd generation. The heatsinks ! Are they just under the screen, right? In the long run, the heat coming out could affects the components of the screen ? Thanks !

  9. Getting this laptop for 1600

    3yr insurance
    1080p screen
    32gb ram
    1tb ssd

    I think it's a steal but hard to tell with Lenovo's bazaro pricing website sales

  10. 3:05
    Oh! How we have moved on from saying "AMD Processors burn the laptop" to "Since this is Intel, it will thermal throttle"

  11. Hey guys super excited tonight I’m installing the RAM and SSD kits to my X1 and finally unboxing it.

    My X1 Extreme Gen 2 (Total Price $2300 CAD, $1770 US)

    UHD Screen
    256 SSD Stock
    1 TB SSD 970 EVO Samsung $200
    8gb Ram Stock
    32gb Ram by Samsung $200 CAD
    Win Pro.
    1 Year Warranty.

    I bought Black Friday

  12. Hi! I brought this notebook 6 weeks ago (4K IPS Display, Core i7, 32 GB RAM).
    There is a widespread problem detected with the keyboard, who is missing stokes and letters when you are writing. There are cases of different notebooks affected from many places in the world (Europe, US, Latin America).
    The problem was reported on the Lenovo support forums, with 21 pages of complaints, but zero answer at this point.
    There are many other problems (awful battery life for the 4K version -only 2 hours-, the OLED version has a poor image display, and problems with stability on certain scenarios like using a 4K external dock or lag while using a secondary display).
    Don't buy this Notebook until there is a fix for this problem.
    Their Workstation version (P1 Gen 2) is also affected.

  13. alienguitarboy: I think the answer to that is already obvious. I was told it came with an optical drive and maybe an SSD is an optical drive. All I've ever used was a ROM drive with a 5 by 5 tray. All my data back up is on data discs. Apparently LENOVO doesn't have a ROM drive. I have recently bought a Toshiba 17" with all I need. As far as storage goes, C and D are all I need.

  14. Would you stay away for the i9 because of throttling issues? They offer one now but i don't want to buy it if it's not going to work as good. What's the sweet spot, the i7-9750H?

  15. Hey Matthew, love the review dude. I've got 2 questions:
    1. Do you think the X1 will have a Gen 3 with better cooling system, higher ram capacity (128gb) like the P52
    2. Can the current Gen 2 support being upgraded to 128gb of ram? I know it says max is 32Gb if I remember correctly but I read somewhere it might, just wanted to get your 2 cents in this


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