MacBook Pro 16 vs Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen 2 Review with I9-9880H processors and fully spec’d. Which one is the better buy? Are they worth it? Watch for the full review!
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  1. That Lenovo is doing a lot of cool pro consumer things, but that battery life is embarrassing. When you also consider the superior sound quality and GPU performance on the 16" Macbook it's hard to even consider this a fair comparison.

  2. The cpu only limits itself to 80c if it’s expecting the GPU to run as it shares the same heatpipe. It should be 99c if it doesn’t expect the GPU running. Some thermal settings you’ve installed or missed updates drivers are affecting it. Some report it could be the intel thermal manager installed. Actually, it may not be 80c it’s 45w I think. Lots of newer laptops do this including the MacBook.

  3. Very even-handed review! Thanks for that. I think you did not mention the fact that the MacBook has a glossy screen (while I believe you have a choice with the ThinkPad?). For me, that is a deal breaker: glossy screens are cheaper for the manufacturer, cause more eye strain, and the reflections are super-irritating. The only reason manufactures are doing this is so that the display model looks awesome (colors pop out) when you visit an electronics store and tempts you to buy it when you the store plays Iron Man and the suit looks RED as eff. Apple fans are gullible and overpay.

  4. I would buy the thinkpad because it is more reliable than the mac. You can add more memory and dual ssd later as your needs grow unlike the mac which has everything soldiered on the mother board. If you needed more ram you would have to sell the mac. This is a notorious business practice that apple uses to get money out of you. Macs are all about social status even though I did buy one years ago. When my mac broke it was irrepairable and I was not able to upgrade to the next mac osx unless I bought the new macbook pro which at the time I did not have 3 million dollars for. While the mac is more seamless their eco system is more controlling. Buy the thinkpad or use a windows pc.

  5. I think that USB-C charging on the Macbook Pro is highly understated feature in these comparisons. It's incredibly useful and opens up a ton of different charging methods and fail-safes. There are also a number of portable battery solutions that you can use to charge up your Macbook Pro. Highly underrated feature that once you've adapted for it, It's very difficult to imagine life without it.

  6. Macbook Pro = hassles at the airport while you prove to security that your laptop isn't the one they're worried about. Just Sayin'

  7. Macbook Pro: seems like good one, but not! you won't be happy to pay a high price when you split water on it. And catalina and T2 chip are very buggy. everything is embeded and you have to depend on apple to charge you more!

    Thinkpad X1 extreme: comparable to Macbook Pro 16. You can configure the memory and the ssd by you self and fixing hardware problem is not difficult. Most importantly, anit-water! I love this one. I will sell my macbook pro and sleep with this one at home.

  8. really like thinkpad. even i just used thinkpad, T450, but this machine is good, feel more durable than my previous laptop

  9. After 7 years of macbook pro 17, I just ordered the P1 (very similar with the X1) mainly for two reasons. The first, the quality of macbooks that I find not good fot the price. I changed the motherboard twice (480 euros x2). The keyboard keys are all gone, one after the other, I changed the charger 3 times (80 euros) and the screen has a red spot in the center, the CD player no longer works. etc.
    I hope to find more robustness in thinkpad.
    The second reason is the price. With identical configuration Macbook pro 16 the price was 2000 euros more expensive, and without wifi 6.
    I was also fed up with aluminum. I want to be able to abuse my PC as Lenovo likes to say. 🙂
    Artist, I always work in a dusty world, that may be why the macbook did not survive.
    I use the whole ADOBE suite.
    We will see.

  10. Without watching the video can tell you that any Macbook wins against any Windows laptop and I based my argument on the grounds of the quality of the hardware. I bought a MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013 last year and it's still going super strong and the software it's very good. I owned before 3 laptops including 1 brand new and all broke after a year, I spent £600 on my Macbook but it worth every penny.

  11. I went for the Mackbook Pro 16 and I do love it, haven't had any issues with it and it's just perfecto for my photography work… Ps: no matter what you comment down below, I love my laptop and it's great if you think I am wrong, cause everyone has different needs (: and the MacBook Pro just works perfectly fine for me 😀

  12. Hey there! Check your x1 Extreme for missing keystrokes. Is it present?

  13. the fact that the x1e is nearly $1,000 cheaper and allows upgrades to ram and memory makes it the better choice.


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