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Let me know what you thought about the video and leave your opinion what you think riot could do with these sort of things? Do you want more Quests in the game? Do you think its time for Riot to start using the achievement tab? Let me know in the comments below! =)

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I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for watching!

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  1. there is another mission when lissandra is versing an ashe and they both get to level 18 a mission unlocks called the battle for frejlord. whoever dies first gets a buff call a buff called the queen of frelord. if ashe gets it she gains increased attack speed.

  2. i got this quest for 10 mins ago. i was kha zix and killed rengar, and then i could skill my last spell, it was awesome

  3. Eh. Skin reward is a nifty idea but then people would just farm it in custom games.

    Unless there was a way to filter achieves out of custom games then sure, good idea.

    Also, WTB Alien Kha'zix skin.

  4. No i just thought it sounded like a good idea, Riot has even removed the achievement tab. IMO i think Riot is becoming pretty lazy.

  5. you don't need a fully stacked bonetooth , you just have to have the bonetooth and be lvl 16 as khazix be lvl 16 too

  6. i completed this quest with kha and it worked 😀
    i told some of my friends but they called me noob
    when i told them that i unlocked all the 4 th skills of khazix

  7. It wasnt confirmed by the time i made this video, besides you only need 10 stacks in order for this quest to work =)


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