My Patreon Page: A comparison of the Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC USD G2 and the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II, which does not have image stabilization.

The original upload of this video contained 3 images in the “general shooting” section at the end that were actually shot with the Sigma variant (which I discovered while making the new video). So, this one contains the correct Tamron images only.

As usual, I look at the sharpness and resolution, the autofocus, stabilization, and vignetting.

A simple centering test: Also, Reikan FoCal software can tell you how your lens compares to other copies with an automatic test… or at least it could the last time I used it.

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  1. Hey nice review, but want to know Tamron 24-70 g2 f2.8 or 24-105 f4 rf which one is better for eos r?

  2. I use this 18-400mm tamron lens and it's fantastic:

    if you don't want to switch lens (or you can't because you are travelling) this is the right solution.

  3. The Tamron lens you used for this review IS OBVIOUSLY A BAD UNIT WITH MISALIGNMENT! Totally defective! I have this lens myself and have seen lots of samples from others and none exhibits such miserable softness and CA on the corners specially the left side. Your lens and review IN NO WAY represents the typical quality most people should expect from their similar units. This is called sample variation and you should make a disclaimer on your video.

  4. I have the Tamron 24-70 2.8 G2
    I've used both… and I have seen where both are strong..
    For what I do.. the Tamron performs brilliantly.

  5. I have the tamron 24-70mm G2 F2.8 Lens….but when I get the new canon eos R5 I want upgrade to this lens….would u do a comparison video between both of these lens.

  6. Will the canon's lens hood fit the tamron? Do they have same locking mechanism? Thanks
    I bought used one without a lens hood.

  7. Wow you really dropped the ball at 6:34. You can clearly see the canon is sharper by the lower left orange tree and then on the upper right structure right beneath the crane.

  8. Thanks for the video .
    If I may get your help please , I’m looking forward to start fashion or weddding photography and have already the 35 mm and would like to purchase another lense as the 24-70 f2.8 but I see it’s very expensive, would there be any other lense that you may recommend as the sigma or tamaron or if possible canon 24-70 f4 instead ?
    Thank you

  9. It's quite annoying that the Canon doesn't have imagine stabilization because it's a clear winner between Tamron, Sigma in my opinion.

  10. I have the G1 Tamron. It’s fine and has gotten me through a lot of Events. I shoot a lot of events and some video. I really don’t need a upgraded 24-70mm but I feel like I want one. I find myself hating the lag on the autofocus but I know my style of shooting and I probably would benefit more from IS. But I love the images the canon produces. Do you think I should upgrade? If so what lens? Thank you for a great review

  11. Hi Matthew.

    I wanna try to pick one from these lenses: Canon 24-105 f4 usm II and Tamron 24-70 f2.8 usd G2. I will use for wedding photography.

    On the paper canon is more usefull because of more zoom capability and Tamron is better about more light . I think sharpness is same on both. I mean not good like 24-70 usm II but I think its enough for me.

    So What is your opinion ? Which spec is more important for you ? F2.8 or more zoom ? By the way I will use the lens with Canon 6D mark II

  12. I checked version 1 of the Tamron lens and the manual focus direction was different as well. What about the actual lens?

  13. Hello, Matthew sounds like a thorough fair review of both lenses. I currently have a Canon body 5D3 and really only do landscape photography with the use of a tripod. I recently damaged my lens and your opinion is vital in which lens I purchase which must be bought very soon. I normally shoot in manual @ f16 so my question is: Which one is the best lens for me? I thank for your time on this matter. With thanks…

  14. Did you get a chance to compare smoothness of manual focus? I'm interested in using mine for video, which is why I'm looking for IS, but I also might want to manually change focus while shooting


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