Lenovo Z50 upgrading HDD to SSD

In this video, i upgrade the Lenovo laptop to have more ram and two hard drives. I removed the DVD drive and replaced it with an HDD caddy drive.

Battery dead get new one from Amazon UK

From Amazon Uk, you can order all the items. There are
three of them.

Caddy HDD frame 9.5mm size.

Crucial Ram 4GB but i guess you can use 8GB or even 16GB but its more expensive. Don’t buy less than 4GB size because it doesn’t give enough memory upgrade for your laptop.

Crucial SSD 525GB real size is “488GB”. Again you can choose diffrent size but i cant reccomend to choose 275 GB because its really small unless you think you can handle with it.

Crucial SSD driver i recomend to instal this since it wont be automatically be installed. Sry for including this so late.

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