In this video, i upgrade the Lenovo laptop to have more ram and two hard drives. I removed the DVD drive and replaced it with an HDD caddy drive.

Battery dead get new one from Amazon UK

From Amazon Uk, you can order all the items. There are
three of them.

Caddy HDD frame 9.5mm size.

Crucial Ram 4GB but i guess you can use 8GB or even 16GB but its more expensive. Don’t buy less than 4GB size because it doesn’t give enough memory upgrade for your laptop.

Crucial SSD 525GB real size is “488GB”. Again you can choose diffrent size but i cant reccomend to choose 275 GB because its really small unless you think you can handle with it.

Crucial SSD driver i recomend to instal this since it wont be automatically be installed. Sry for including this so late.


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  1. Thanks a ton dude. I replaced my old HDD with a Kingston SSD. Earlier the laptop had become dead slow but with this upgrade it's blistering fast

  2. If your HDD in caddy isn't working, please update your BIOS. My z50-70's BIOS was 9BCN26WW and I updated it to 9BCN91WW to get the caddy working. You can check your BIOS version in BIOS settings. The caddy used to work in linux but not in Windows with the old BIOS version. Download the latest one from lenovo website.

  3. Do you happen to know if this laptop support an m2 SSD? as id like a little extra space without spending big and buying another samsung ssd as my primary hdd. Also thanks for the video

  4. I could've sworn there was some bios limit on the ram and so I never upgraded but apparently I'm wrong. How much ram does this model support?

  5. Hey I bought a crucial mx500 ssd after physical installation ssd isn't detected in bios nor in disk management. Does lenovo z50-70 not support mx500? Do i have to go for mx300. Please reply. Thanks in advance.

  6. What system is windows 10?
    Were there problems connecting the hdd nand ssd at the same time?
    The laptop series two hard drives at once, no problem?

  7. I've gone through the whole process, now the question is. how do I migrate my OS into the SSD? And I can't seem to see it in my list of drives on my PC

  8. Mikko…What Cruicial type that u used for ur lenovo? i use Lenovo z50-75 . i'm looking for the ssd for replace the HDD.

  9. Thanks a lot . If possible make another video comparing the hdd and sdd speed test and changes after installing ssd

  10. Hi ! great Video.. unfortunatly on my Z50-75 I'm not to be able to use the hdd in the caddy.. any suggest?? thanks!

  11. Hi, can i know the brand of SSD that you're using?
    and for the Ram, is there any requirement for it to be able to be compatible with the laptop? I have the Z50
    Thank you for the video and hope that you'll reply soon

  12. It would appreciate if you can add the product information of the HDD holder, SSD drive details which I can buy from I own this laptop and planning to upgrade to SDD and also reuse the DVD space. And one like from me for this video

  13. Hi Mikko ! Well done. These days I have been trying to install an ssd (Team Group L3) but Bios cannot detect it ! We have tried different settings on Bios but without success. So I am thinking of buying a Crucial MX500 ssd as it is fully compatible with lenovo z50-70 ! At least this is what is mentioned on the Website of Crucial. Did you have any problems with the detection of your ssd ? Did you change some settings on Bios ? Thank you in advance.


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