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We had Lenovo Z50-70 on review. This 15.6″ HD display laptop designed with entertainment features and premium looks, inside has the 4th gen Intel Core processors (Core i3-4030U 1.9 GHz). For more check our website

Viewing angles of display:

Canon 5D Mark IV:
Canon 5D Mark II
50mm f1.8 lens
100mm f2.8 lens
14mm f2.8 lens
24-105mm f4 lens
Sennheiser AVX
Zoom H6 kit
Aputure LS-1s
Rode VideoMic Pro
Beholder DS1:


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  1. I have had this laptop for around 3 years and I personally do not like it. The only video games you can play are csgo and ones that do not require a lot of power (even lags while running minecraft). I can't run Gta 5 or anything of that level. The camera is shit, which is not surprising for a laptop. This laptops life is coming to an end. Just recently, the battery is unable to work without the laptop constantly being plugged in and doesn't charge at all. It has also started to freeze and it's becoming a frustration to work with. I have taken very good care of the laptop besides that so if you are looking for something a little more long-lasting this may not do.

  2. Yo any owners of this laptop,could you please give recommendations on upgrading that n wireless networking card by chance? I heard Lenovo can be picky about them. Thank you very much ^_^

  3. The heck? I have the same laptop but it came with i7 – 4510U and 2 GPU: intel family graphics and nvidia geforce gtx 840m 2 gb

  4. Do you have a HD (1366×768) sreen? Some have that, some have Full HD 1920×1080. The Full HD screen ist with IPS Technologie.

  5. i have lenovo z icore 5 comes with that graphic card nivdia geforce 840m with 6g graphic memory , can i run hot quality 2016 games like fifa 16 , pro soccer 16 and ofc gta5 with high graphic guys ??

  6. I experienced horrible colour banding. I am thinking about getting my money back from Lenovo. They promised "Full HD experience" but the colours on the screen in the gradients look just terrible. It looks like it's a 16 bit screen from 1995. I definitely wouldn't recommend buying this laptop. Lenovo is doing fake advertising and promising more than the laptop is giving.

  7. PLZ Anyone Answer ME

    If I kept plugging in the charger will it stop charging when the battarey it fully charged ?

  8. i just saw the lenovo z50-70 on sale : however it's a i3 4005u not i5 or i7 but with nvidea gt840m but with 8gb dd3 ramI want to play games like ryse : son of rome and guild wars 2 and the older supreme commandermost vid's i see are from the z50-70 with i5 so will i be able to play these on the i3 as well

  9. I use lenovo z50-75…it just same as this one but black…n wat i hate bout it is…it does not have mic hole…idk wat it called :L

  10. a review is not ment to be scripted.. this guy keeps looking at his screen for his script…muppet foreign twat..and this laptop is lush…bottom line

  11. Don't expect to play CSGO on a decent level on this computer. Big no-no! Csgo is very cpu hungry and integrated graphics card just won't pull it off.

  12. Is this laptop good for youtube?
    I want to do gaming but nothing incredible just some Minecraft ,CS:GO and maybe Lol…I will do some editing and rendering too ,what do you think?


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