Nvidia Geforce 840M – 2GB Video RAM
Intel i5 4210u Dual Core with 4 Threads and up to 2.7 GHz
8GB DDR3 RAM – 1600 MHz
1920 x 1080 Full HD Glare Display
128GB SSD Disk for Windows
Windows 10

Battery Life:
Idle 4-5 Hours
Working: 2-3 Hours
Gaming on full load: 1-1.25 Hours

The Z50-70 was released in the second half of 2014, but still has enough power to run some up to date triple a titles and performs pretty well on anything released before 2015.

1:18 Witcher 3
3:18 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
5:18 Tomb Raider
6:50 Bioshock Infinite
8:25 Far Cry 4
10:30 Watchdogs
11:58 Dirt 3
12:43 Battlefield 4
13:30 Assassins Creed 3
14:19 Rocket League
14:48 Trine 2
15:33 Life is Strange
16:20 Alice: Madness Returns
16:52 Planet Coaster
17:39 Civilization 5
17:54 Mass Effect Andromeda


I recorded these videos with the free trail version of Mirillis Action! Due to which there is a watermark in the top center of the screen. The fps is about 2-5 or even 10 frames lower while recording. Depending on the game. So keep that in mind when watching this video.

I tried to run the tests with graphic settings that allow for a satisfying gameplay. Which varies from 720p to 1080p and from low to high settings.

If you’ve got any questions concerning the Z50-70 or the Geforce 840M, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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  1. Have you tried Call of Duty Warzone on this laptop. We have it. And the game trew us out. If you can, can you inform us how to do ?

  2. Hi congrats for +100.000
    I have same laptop Lenovo
    I7-5500U 2,4GHZ
    GT 840M 4GB
    16Gb RAM
    I installed the recent version of drivers in the nvidia experience
    Can i run these games with same fps or better ?

  3. dude gt 840m is an 720p gaming graphics which has the best fps in this resolution, but in full hd it's not optimised at all

  4. How much fps can i get in pubg pc? i have the same laptop but my 840m has 4gb dedicated memory. I can easily get over 80-90 fps in pubg lite with medium settings… Can i get over 50 fps if i will try pubg pc in lowest settings possible?? I am asking you because there is not even a single new video of pubg gameplay on this laptop or these same specs.

  5. I have dell Inspiron 15 3542 which has same intel i5 4210u cpu , 4 gb ram and Nvidia 820m in games like pubg lite and Fortnite i get average 50 fps on low settings but game stutters and drops to 1 frame is it because of my cpu gpu or ram please help..

  6. Sir we have same specs, but 1st i only have 4gb ram, after upgrading to 8gb ram, my game is super low on fps. How can i fix this, i done updating all my drivers. Stuttering fix on 8gb ram, but it has lower fps than 4gb ram. Playing GTAV

  7. My computer have
    840M 2GB
    i7 4510U
    12 GB ram
    240 GB ssd

    I can play Gta V at High settings without any fps drop.
    It's still a goof laptop. I have a better computer but playing with a old mobile gpu ia like doing the impossible. It's more enjoyable.

  8. It can also run Assasin Creed Unity on low if you will go to nvidia settings at 23-41 fps and its playable

  9. Please please please
    Tell me which one of the driver are you using I'm using this driver :419.35 and I playing fra cry 4 with 26 fps 1366×720p (medieum)

  10. Hello! Very high quality video, it is clear that the dude really tried! Recently I collected myself a laptop with a simular characteristics, without SSD. And I was looking for a good video, where its capabilities in terms of games would be tested … And I found it!) Forgive me for English, I am from Russia, I can: D

  11. Die 840m wäre halt noch ein Stück besser wenn sie nicht lahmen DDR3 Speicher verwenden würden…
    Ich habe mir letztens einen Acer Laptop mit nem i5 6300HQ und einer GTX 950m für 211€ geschossen ich bin so froh drüber 🙂

  12. I have the same laptop but only with i7 4510u,will i get a lot of better fps and can i run gta 5 online with this laptop?

  13. Plz help me I have i5 4210u and 830m and 4gb ram and all these games run like shit .I am thinking of upgrading the ram from 4 to 8 GB .but will it work or my money will be wasted plz reply plz


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