I’ve been using the Lenovo YogaBook C930 for over a month now and this creative dual-screen laptop has plenty of plus points, especially for drawing and sketching – designers will love the natural feel of the second e-ink display. However, performance and battery life aren’t as strong as similarly-priced rivals – here’s my final review for all you need to know.

Typists beware, the lack of a physical keyboard is an issue. And gaming is limited to basic titles, thanks to the older Core-i5 chipset and 4GB of RAM.

However, the Yoga C930 is one of the most slim and light laptops we’ve tested in 2019. If portability is high up your list, then this is one of the best around. It’s just a shame Lenovo’s notebook can’t serve up all-day battery life too.

As for the rest of the specs, you get plenty of storage but just a pair of Type-C USB ports. And the fingerprint sensor is sadly less than stellar.

Check out my full unboxing of the Lenovo Yogabook C930 for a closer look at some of the features and hardware.

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  1. "I do a lot of typing".. Then learn to type with all fingers! It's painful to watch. Other than that, great video keep up the good work, best wishes. 🙂

  2. I was looking at replacing a Chromebook with this device, just basic stuff–I already have a beefy laptop for stuff that requires it but I can't carry that around all the time. 🙂

  3. Lenovo always put out half-arsed finished products then leave you to deal with all its problems with zero support. Typical Chinese business ethics, no different from Chinese eBay sellers.

  4. Hi, would you say this is good for studying and running software like Vultr (creating test VMs or running Boson test simulations?

  5. Does the e-ink display work as a main display? I'm thinking of sketching on a program like Clip Paint Studio, it'll help with battery life for longer sessions.

  6. @Tech Spurt any update on the performance of the yoga book? Was looking to purchase the book and wanted to know if some of the software features like switching to the keyboard/fingerprint reader was fixed?

  7. they should make a silicon keyboard cover that has key depths, and conducts touch prrssure, when you need to type, just put it on the ink screen . why nobody has done thay….

  8. Just as when I thought of the Surface Go, this Lenovo comes in. The CPU used already made the Lenovo a winner, you have proper Gen7 Core i5 instead of Pentium Gold in Surface Go. Likewise, the hard disk size also goes to Lenovo with 256GB SSD instead of 128GB SSD or 64GB eMMC in Surface Go. Even the pen is available as standard for the Lenovo, unlike the Surface Go which is an accessory.

    So really, the only thing I would have to think twice is the keyboard.

  9. i considered getting this for my uni classes since i wanna switch to digital note taking, but honestly i think ill just spend the extra couple hundreds for the thinkpad x390… the yoga book is really cool but the price is an actual joke. maybe one day when i got some extra coin to spend lol

  10. What a frickin innovative device!

    I enjoy drawing, video consumption, e-ink displays and having a dedicated USB port for accessories…

    Give the top screen a matte finish and better battery life and I'd say this is worth every penny

  11. I love Lenovo. I had the previous version, this looks to be similar. Very innovative but still not quite usable / reliable

  12. Overall a nice idea but i don't like the e-ink display the refresh rate is too low . Maybe with a 2 normal touchscreen make more sense .

  13. So it's not quite there yet, with the no Kindle support and expensive for the chipset etc. Shame it could be a really cool bit of tech. Perhaps if it had a pen silo slot like the other C930 it would be more compelling

  14. Hi, does it have a backlit on the e-ink? Looking at lenovo`s UK site there is an option for 8GB memory besides the 4GB and storage option is up to 512GB SSD. I am owning the 1st gen Yoga book and love it`s compact size with the keyboard attached and can spin it around the back and still usable, not too heavy and not too thick. The only reasons keeping me from upgrade to this C930 is the lack of backlit as I do use it in dark places (on screen keyboard is annoying as it does not come on and disappears automatically like on a smartphone) and the memory and also the high price. Would appreciate if someone could answer on the e-ink backlit please.

  15. As he mentions, it's a shame this thing is so expensive, as it would actually be super handy to take notes while watching a lecture.

  16. Best Eink winddows device out there. there is virtually no EInk windows device that is reliable on earth except for this one. excluding e-readers which lack web surfing features.

  17. Love the idea, being able to read kindle books on this would be essential for me. Can you write directly into one note? How much is it anyway, and is there a newer version?

  18. I have the Lenovo Yoga Book Gen 1. Android version ( now it stays on Nougat ) When I bought it, I was blown away and am still in love it for its compact beautiful build and innovative features. It's great for as you mentioned correctly – Editing Pictures, taking notes ( with Pen on screen or write directly on keyboard/notebook provided or keyboard ), brainstorming stuff/apps, drawing/sketching, videos etc…. All the apps work perfectly, except some notify you – not made for this version, but that has happened very rarely for apps which I don't really care or need. Haven't tried games or music ( shouldn't be problem for music ) so can't comment on that. Yes, price is a problem, so will wait to buy Gen 2, if it has Android version. Basically this Yoga book family is very innovative. Thanks for your review.

  19. I never comment on videos, but I have to thank you for this! I have (and love, despite its limitations) the first yoga book – the Android edition. I use it mainly for photo editing and drawing, so I was excited to see that this one has the e-ink screen. (I also use it as a TV replacement, and it lasts me all day!)

    Considering the battery life on this new one, I think I'll stick with mine for now. I've gotten used to drawing on the "keyboard" while looking at the screen, anyway. You've just saved me a ton of money – so thank you so much!!

  20. A decent product although I wish they had an Android version. Two issues I have with this device which also seems to plague it's predecessor: 1) Lenovo is mistakenly approaching these devices as laptops when they should be thinking of it as a tablet. 2) With other devices whether it be a tablet or laptop, if the battery is low you can plug in the charging cable and use the device off external power while simultaneously charging its battery. However, with this specific device (even with the usb-c) I find that under a moderate low while plugged in a charging the battery level still drops. It's like the usb power can either charge the battery OR power the device, but not both. Very disappointing.

  21. The wait for a true eink tablet continues. I love how they are ruled by consumer ignorance. Like they dare not make an eink display because they know some people are gonna try using it for fast refresh stuff and then complain.

  22. Lovely looking machine let down by useless customer service, I'm still a lenovo yoga 910 customer…. But I'm loathed to buy from them again jury is out…! I'd like this but can't see my self parting with over a grand for this…! I could buy a cracking Samsung 65 inch TV for less…! Great video and love the actual unit but price kills it for most people…! Thumbs up for the review! I just managed to pick up the yoga book gen1 on amazon UK for £149 (windows in very good condition) massive price difference but for 150 I'm quite happy to use this an on the go unit…. I'm sure if I sell it on ebay I'll get my cash back…! Looking forward to gen 3 of this week all in one folding screen which opens to some kind of 16-17 device and use it with a separate Bluetooth keyboard if necessary….. Its going to be like these new foldable phones judging by the image they leaked at where ever it was!

  23. After having had this device for a week I returned it to Lenovo. This device is useful and useless at the same time. It's a beauty and it's a beast. Build quality superb. Sound system terrific for its size. Beautiful screen. Really! And innovative. BUT: You go CRAZY because of the lack of a physical keyboard. That's my only complaint, and funnily enough, the keyboard is the only feature that really stages out. So it kinda defeats the purpose of buying this device.


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