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It is finally time for my full review of one of the most unique tablets of 2014, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. With its 13.3″ QHD Display, the integrated 8W JBL 2.1 Speaker System and the first ever projector in a tablet the Yoga Pro 2 offers a lot of value for $499. I was very impressed especially with the multimedia experience and the processor performance of the Intel Atom.

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  1. If I decide to buy this tablet will it be worth the buy because I had to Samsungs and I had a bad experience with it because it freezes it blanks it shuts down by itself and I wonder if levono has a good software because I don't want the same problems with this device like I had with Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 please respond when you have a chance

  2. Thanks for your review. I own this tablet – as of yesterday. The screen is stunning, but the sound is loud but tinny to my ears. The projector feature is a great bonus. Amazon UK is selling this tablet at a discount right now. Very happy to have got this bargain.

  3. I am watching this video on the Lenovo yoga pro 2 tablet 4g version and I got this 2 years ago and I have used this more than my iPad and I would recommend this tablet to anyone and I have been subscribed to this channel for just over a year now and keep up the good work

  4. got this and lost charger anybody know where I can get 1 looked all over eBay and other sites and none of them any and other charges don't work obviously not powerful enough for something so big

  5. Great review. Respect your opinion. Buying this just for media consumption. I like that you make a judgment. It's important for us to know what you think.

  6. Sebastian…..I'm torn between the Yoga Pro 2 Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2. Which would you recommend if you primarily using it for FHD media consumption?  (Youtube/Googleplay/Showtime/STarz/etc.)

  7. Hi, i just bought the tablet and i tried many times to put apps on to the home screen area but i dont know how, could you do a short vid on how to do it or just write me back. Much appreciate.

  8. Will this tablet work with a fine nib stylus or an apple ipad fine nib stylus?. Finding the proper app to take notes is easy. But in terms of getting a fine nib stylus for this product has not been discussed in any review i've seen.

  9. I am considering this for purchase and your review really summed everything succinctly. Thank you for an excellent perspective with realistic  overview of pros and cons.

  10. your video is awesome 🙂 i really love the tablet with the projector , it will helping me a lot in my job . I am using iPad air know , but know i really want to change to lenovo tablet yoga 2 pro 🙁 but lenovo don't sell this product In VietNAm ( my country ). Can you give me a good website where i can ofer this tablet ? thanks 🙂

  11. This is an awesome review Sebastian! We certainly like that you liked it, but also respect that your views were honest and authentic. Thanks for sharing! ^Jesse


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