Unboxing and full tour of Lenovo’s Yoga Book C930, a dual-screen Windows 10 laptop slash tablet, featuring an eInk display which doubles as a keyboard, sketchpad and eReader. This hands-on review covers the specs, benchmarking performance, Precision Pen and the rest of the hardware.

Windows 10 convertible laptop/tablet devices are quite common these days, with Microsoft’s own Surface Pro being one of the best and most popular. The Yoga Book C930 is a similar price (starting from £1100 in the UK), and while the specification isn’t quite as impressive, you do get a highly flexible ultrabook design.

This Intel Core i5 model sports just 4GB of RAM and integrated graphics, so gaming is a no-go (unless you’re talking basic stuff). However, it seems to be fine for simple creative tasks. The Yoga Book is certainly one of the more interesting 2019 laptops we’ve tested, while Lenovo’s Precision Pen support makes it a good companion to artists and professionals.

Check back soon for our full Yoga Book C930 review, and let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. yo techspurt! I liked your review of the android phone moto g7 power so much I bought it this holiday and am pretty durned happy. I came back to see what you had on Lenovo laptops and see only one the c930 which has no keyboard. :((. . . . I highly value top notch battery life and good sound (though I use headphones, I like movies and vids on line). I also do a lot of writing, so the classic love of the keyboard of Thinkpads is one I stand by and a big part of my love of Lenovos as a rule – that and the easy OS swap to Linux -(but the red button for me goes unused as i much prefer a mouse). Any chance you'd do more reviews of the Lenovos? Thanks a bunch!

  2. I use a YotaPhone with e-ink screen more than 2 years and I really don't understand where is the problem to create such a tablet. Why this does not replicate ALL THE FUNCTIONS on the eink screen? I even watch movies often on my eink gsm! Especially serials we just listen to them, not really watching… Also the parameters of this does not look good. Video card, RAM is small, processor is 1Ghz??? wtf

  3. I like it, this is my idea of a true portable Windows laptop nowadays…but why did they cut its legs short by putting only 4gb of ram on Windows 10?!
    Also, they could make a slightly wider version to accommodate bigger keyboard keys, slimmer bezels and that fingerprint reader can't fail that often!!

  4. Just think about a cup without a real grip on it. They say you can hold it with its touch grip. This is not really stupid as much as this laptop's touch keyboard. It's beyond stupidity and plus very expensive unnecessarily..

  5. Too expensive for what it provides. It looks more like a work in progress. Like a first draft of a good idea.

  6. oh Man. I was hoping for the top comment to be a Microsoft Edge joke.
    oh well. Guess i'll just make it.

    Edge: What is my purpose?
    Me: You download chrome.

  7. I dont like virtual keys on the 2in1 tablet-notebooks and dashboard of cars. I think must be old style if you dont want a mistake. And not adaptable for Turkish language because we speakin kind of latinas alphabet. I cant use sticker here 🙂

  8. Others
    Mom I want this laptop!
    Okay buy it I will pay it 👍

    My mom no money to buy this
    But it's okay because my parent loves is none purchased

  9. I clicked because the photo on the laptop on the thumbnail has a weird nose deer thing like id pet it but with caution because it looks like a trippy deer, a nose deer, a noseer? a deeser? a dooseer? Help


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