In my continued search for a small Windows machine, I discovered the two-year-old Lenovo Yoga Book. It’s an even bigger compromise than the Microsoft Surface Go, but…I love things that fit niches. And the Yoga Book certainly fits a niche. What do you think, is the Yoga Book something you’d use?

See the Yoga Book on Amazon:
There’s also an Android version:

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  1. Have the Yoga book and a Surface Pro 3 I5. Granted it's not a GO but close enough. I actually find myself reaching for the Yoga over the Pro most of the time. I just like the smaller, lighter form factor. The keyboard is fine (once you get used to it). Yes it's slower, in most all tasks but I use it mainly for the pen/tablet feature. If I had to suggest one get a Go or Yoga I'd suggest the Go. More user friendly and zero learning curve. The Yoga is a VERY niche product.

  2. I had the android version for a year now, bought it for 300 bucks, and if you draw or sketch, its a great device. Good for watching videos and it can solve your "on the go" needs for productivity (email, word, excel, etc) but its defenitely not a main device. If you have a laptop and you dont want to carry it around all the time, this one is great, but the main feature is the wacom panel, if you dont do any artsy stuff, I dont see the point to buy this, but if you do, its a good device. Everything you can do with this thing, you can with an Ipad, but, even the cheapest ipad is more expensive if you throw the pen and a cover. So, for tight budget creative people, its fantastic.

  3. Surface go users are mostly students, so think insecure sheep savages. They downvote and criticise everyone who disagrees with them.

  4. It's this review better than others?
    Definetly not… just a load of bullcrap you compare 2 things that are intended for different things.

    First of all it's the price range.

  5. "Turbo to 2.4"
    "4 cores"
    My laptop has 2 cores and turbos to 2.1. I think this is better than my laptop in almost every way so I don't think I'll personally find Windows slow

  6. Your doing a tech review on a laptop and don’t know what turbo boost is? You need to get better at your craft before making these type of tech reviews.

  7. Thanks for the review.
    There is no good comparison of the 10" windows tablets.
    Part of the problem seems to be each company is aiming in a different direction.
    Personally.. I am still looking at the Sgo due to its ability to be just a tablet ( can fit a rugged case) with optional keyboard( used when needed).
    I wish one of them had more process power. From what I understand.. the 64gb Sgo is slow due to the choice of hard drive used.

  8. After updating windows on my old yoga book I have found it runs far better than the original software. I now use the yoga book on a more regular basic for surfing & YouTube.

  9. Dude you not a tech geek nothing wrong with that but if you dont know the 2 core 4 core cpu difference your not tech anything

  10. I looove this little thing <33 first had the windows version, but I just couldn't use the trackpd, it didn't recognize anything alot of the times or much later which was really unusable to me. I loved the sharpness and colours of the screen aswell for such a small and cheap device! 🙂 the overall quality is also great and sooo thin. I love the hinge with that keyboard sooo onvenient for media consumption on the couch / in bed especially with more people since you can rearrange it so easily. and also it's superb battery life and and little watt-usage <3 also the sound is really really great so that it is a great media consumpption device overall.
    now I have the android version which is much better for me (for windows i use surface 3 nonpro which I bought for just 90 bucks with a little defective). Now I can use the trackpad properly, my workflow is just more convinient and faster with touch-optimized OS/apps and it's overall MUCH faster OS <33, the typing experience is much better due to better software-implementation and the battery-life is now over the top, it just draws no power at all is what it feel like xD <3 also for retro-gaming and mobile gaming it is just superb with gamepad. that hinge comes in very handy for this. when I want to get some more seroius work done I just use a small bluetooth keyboard which wrks reaally great :)) it's the most used device for me, over laptop, over pc, over windows tablet, over ipad, over smartphone :)) even for outdoor usage I didn't have suc an convinient feeling device before <33 got it for just 200bucks for android version incl. pen & paper.

  11. The main reason I'm getting the yoga book is the lack of keyboard, or rather the create pad, I was just going to get an average wagon tablet, but I also wanted a media consumption device. Guess I'll just have to wait and see

  12. Got my Yoga Book a few years ago really cheap in a deal being sold for just under £300 as an open box product. Happily, it turned up brand new and completely sealed and 100% unused.

    It's not a patch on my main laptop, which cost four times the price, but it is often my go to device when needing something extremely lightweight and easily portable.

    Really glad I bought it when I did, especially as it's successor is now selling for close to £1,500. Yet I'm happy with it lower spec predecessor, particularly for the price I paid and what I use it for. I think it's a great bit of kit to have.

  13. I guess I lucked out. I bought the high spec Go as an open box item at Best Buy for $411 and got them to discount a new $130 Alcantara keyboard to $89. With tax I was just over $530 out the door.

  14. The Newest Device From Lenovo , it's Yoga Book C 930 wow .it's very Amazing , I love it , It have two display to use .

  15. Just for folks interested in this sort of thing, If you don't need native Windows apps and are happy with an Android OS, then the Android Yoga Book is 2nd to none. A beautiful, capable all-rounder and now at bargain prices. (this is not an advert and no, I don't work for Lenovo)

  16. Does it runs matlab and photoshop to the point that you can actually pull out a project(i mean i don't have huge expectations looking to specs but i would hope it could pull out the job).


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