This is very detailed review of the Lenovo Yoga Book in the Android version, trying to give you all the important informations you could possibly need trying to decide if you should go for it or not.

Yoga Book Android Wifi:
Yoga Book Android LTE:
Yoga Book Windows 10 Pro Wifi:
Yoga Book Windows 10 Pro LTE:

00:52 Design
04:34 Display
05:25 Sound
07:00 Performance
09:07 Battery
10:13 Software
11:34 Pen & more
19:30 Android or Windows?
21:36 Conclusion

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  1. Not aligning the paper is not a fault of the tablet. That only happens with user noobness! 😂

    Loved everything else in your review and I've just bought one! 😍

    BTW, your affiliate links no longer work! 😉

  2. Hey, Thank you for your review. However, there are some apps that are Not Optimised not my device. Do you know how I can get around that please?

  3. I watched you’re review and I’m having trouble finding the LTE version unless it shows they newer one I am going for the Android because of speed and android apps. So if you are still using YouTube please reply a link.thank you

  4. Hello
    Thank you for your excellent review
    I want your device
    I have the first version of Lenovo Yoga book with Windows O.S
    I want to replace it with Android version
    but i want to know more About it specialy About using Microsoft office .is it work good with Android version
    and what is the deference between them ?
    I want your device , keep windows version or repace it with Android Version 🤔
    Thank you

  5. For me, it is to small and to thin I would think that it will have the same problems as the surface book where you can't repair it as the glue is just too much I don't understand why all this new tech is so tiny so thin if you made it another 10mm thicker what difference would it make and add some screws life would be so much better you could actually take it apart to repair it but that would defeat the object of through away so its a no then

  6. It's been over two years since this video so you probably can't recall … but I was wondering how a screensnap is made when it's folded into a portrait tablet? Maybe another Yoga owner will see this and reply. Thanks. Great review.

  7. In 15.05 of your review I noticed that there is a Stylus Beta, which I don't have in my keyboard options! May you advise me how to enable this option?

  8. Hi, I have the same Yoga book as in your video, however I can't write in the screen as you do. Is this because I have installed a mirror protected screen, so it prevent the screen from feeling the touch of the pen?

  9. I won this on Lenovo monthly drawings.
    my brother took it and later gave it back now I Cant use it due to google sync
    so it's locked
    any info I'd be super happy to know. Thank you

  10. Thank you so much for the great stuff on this channel ! I’m really considering buying this but I’m worried that I can’t make / edit my videos for YouTube . Is it worth buying for creating and editing videos? I don’t really need it for a formal computer assignment.

  11. Nice review. You're right–it would have been nice if it has a real keyboard even if it is just a thin one. But the thing I like most with this device is it's small size (10.10" x 6.72" x 0.38") specially how thin it is. It doesn't take up so much space on your backpack or bag. I also like the fact that it does not tip over even with the monitor opened over 45 degrees. Other devices need a back support to keep it from tipping over like the Surface Go which made it not look like a laptop. I would have liked the Surface Go if it weren't for that back support. Anyway thanks for the review.

  12. i think there are a lot of improvements to be made on several factors.

    specially when using the pen writing on the right and getting everything written on the screen. Another thing:- is this pen compulsory to be used with the device or can any regular pen be used with the device notepad?

    Since it is a futuristic keyboard like that, maybe having language interchangeable keyboard which would be super cool or to make users have the preference of having to chose between a mechanical keyboard or touch pad keyboard, maybe they could create another attachment keyboard such as the notepad on which we write in which would be a mechanical keyboard which would be magnetic on the keyboard light surface making the surface become a mechanical keyboard using the same technology of the pen to be used as a information sender.

    I am quite surprised that lenovo team or conceptors did not think about that too where they could give users a mechanical keyboard which would not have any electronics inside and would use the pen technology, be fully waterproof and washable, plus give users ability to chose between the mechanical and touch keyboard with their device.

    I also think that lenovo should include another thing where when you switch into notepad /text mode without the writing book, they should include light lines horizontally or vertically in which ever way you are using the device to make it a guide for users to write straight and it would be really nice to see what you are writing underneath the pen having something like a screen which would detect and show what the pen is writing when being in paperless version.

    Definitely the editing of notes already created should be something they should work on too as it's useless having notes on the device, a note created before which cannot be edited. this ,should be worked through a little more and it's just some tweaking needed on their end. for the usb ports, its a bit disapointing that they are still using old technology for the usb when there is magnetic technology, usb C and other technologies which are much more reliable.

    Since the device is much more thin, getting a magnetic cable which would fit in the ports would have been a much better idea to reduce the risk factors of a cable for example breaking inside the port.

    If they make something smaller, they should work also on factors of using other connectivity options which would make the device more attractive to the general consumer. it's a great device, i have used it for 2 months but then sold it because it's got too much cons than good.

    If lenovo works on those factors and get them right, i will be the first person to buy the device. the idea is good for the notepad, and having the windows there is good too, but storage requires some work, having 1tb ssd, a good processor, more ram and everything i mentioned would make it the perfect device for business men. portable with power and adaptive choices


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