Lisa Gade reviews the 13” Lenovo Yoga 730 2-in-1 Ultrabook with 360 degree hinges, Intel 8th gen Kaby Lake-R Core i5 and i7 quad core U series 15 watt CPUs and a full HD IPS display that supports pen and touch. The more affordable alternative to the Yoga 920 sports an aluminum casing and is slim and quite light at 2.47 lb. / 1.1 kg. Pricing starts at $799. The laptop works with Lenovo’s Active Pen 2 and other Wacom AES pens, and it supports 4,096 levels of pressure, making it well suited to drawing/painting, Photoshop work and note taking. A backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner, Qualcomm Atheros WiFi, and a “normal” above the display webcam are standard.


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  1. Not for me.
    Looking for writing a book ( don't want to use cloud ) and internet. Also I like to use a mouse.
    Geez I thought learning 🎵🎶 was hard but it's a walk in the park to this talk 😂.
    "They" screwed up computers – use to be simple + now ❓

  2. WARNING: Many Yogas have a product defect where the hinge may come lose and clash or even crack the screen, which would render touchscreen useless. This happened to my Yoga a month in, and *lENOVO'S WARRANTY DO NOT COVER THIS*

  3. Looks like a nice laptop, but it's pretty shitty it doesn't have an HDMI port and only 1 USB. Not a good choice of ports.

  4. Got a custom-configured 730 that had to be built and shipped from China. Not pleased at all with the speaker locations or the vent location for cooling. Compared to my aged Asus UX31a, this new machine is faster of course, but it's clunkier to open, hot on the lap, and has much inferior audio. I'm still working on finding the utility of tablet and tent modes. Maybe they'll help offset the design's shortcomings if I can make them useful. Like many others, I'm not fond of the trend in ultrabooks to minimal ports and no SD card reader.

  5. Hello, will this be better than MacBook Pro? I need it for music only, don't want to spend too much money anymore. Thanks!!!

  6. Not getting this but watching this while I waited for a laptop delivery and took the day off. UPS lets you do live tracking and I knew the guy was in my parking lot. The package required a signature and instead of knocking he just put a slip on my door and walked away! I may have been watching through the peephole waiting for him to knock XD. Stopped him on the staircase like wth man!

  7. For anyone asking about the Yoga 730 15"- Not worth the hassle. I returned mine. Cons: You need to return it to Lenovo for a Realtek chip replacement which makes wifi un-usable half the time. If you plan on using it with a pen, the pen does not work properly half the time, and at some point it starts to dance on your screen. Lenovo says they need to replace the screen at that point, you need to send it back again. Pros: great as monitor , good color accuracy, powerful enough to handle large files. Good if you are not going to use wifi, pen, and some touch capabilities.

  8. I can see a configuration with i5-8265U which refers as whiskey lake, is there some update to the referred kaby lake which you mention?
    Great review as always, thank you

  9. I never did this for a review video, but here I had to. I've seen some of your reviews and I honestly have to say that they are the most well put together reviews for technical products in a long time or maybe ever. So big appreciation from my side. Thanks for the video and helping me to decide which products deliver what.

  10. i bought this computer a week ago at best buy and i love it. However it is not perfect. The battery life isn't to great. i get maybe 6 or 7 hours of use. I use Youtube, web browsing and FL studio. Some light gaming apps. But my biggest concern is the WIFI. it is constantly disconnecting and Im glad this video mentioned it can be upgraded. I plan to upgrade it when i upgrade the SSD.

  11. The 8 gigs of ram is soldered, but I believe there is a slot for up to 8 gigs available. That may not be on all of them, it may just be on the platinum version. The ram is expandable up to 16 gig to my knowledge.

    Nvm it is the 15" that has the extra slot I dont know about the 13"

  12. Is this device good for a college student? I am returning to college after 6 years and I want to be prepared and taking it more seriously, no more hot pink laptop! 😂

  13. I hate saying but lenovo and all have such a boring looking laptops when HP spectre exists but I heard the pen on that is garbage

  14. Nice review…was ready to buy on sale…then found that its screen has flickering problems which have been going on for some time…too bad!

  15. For the record, you can get this model with the i7, 4k display, and 16 gb ram now. I just ordered the i7-8650U + 16 GB RAM on the 1080p screen for less than $1000 – fantastic value.

  16. please dont show all these laptops to INTEL engineers, cause when they see such a cooling system 6:08, they will knock out their brains, because their many years of work and all the progress in creating new processors are flushed down the toilet by lazy and mediocre engineers in lenovo, asus, dell, hp, and even xiaomi, … If you look at the design and basic principles of assembling laptops for 30 years, the shit has not changed …

  17. Do not buy it until Lenovo sells new manufacturing batch (I don't know how to differentiate or to detect too). I just bought it last Saturday (26 Jan). The screen was already flickering after 24 hours (27 Jan). 🙁 I'm super disappointed. I love every single thing about this laptop (fast, lightweight, nice metal body, sound, all features), unfortunately, this happened. It seems this is a common problem for this model. So, take this into a consideration guys.

  18. perfect review, thank you , I want to buy present for my girfriend and cant decide if this Lenovo or XPS . I am also photographer so I will borrow her present from time to time.


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