Lenovo Yoga 710 Review (With Nvidia GPU) – Is it the ideal college laptop / 2 in 1?

Buy it here – (not an affiliate link) – The Lenovo Yoga 710 with GPU is a nice laptop for college students looking for better than average performance on games. See more gaming laptops: and subscribe!

00:43 – Hardware overview
00:56 – 2 in 1 modes, tablet, tent mode, etc
01:05 – Touch screen
02:29 – Nvidia GTX 940MX GPU discussion
03:36 – Keyboard and trackpad
04:58 – Power adapter
06:25 – Web browsing performance
07:50 – Microsoft Word and Office applications
08:25 – Gaming: GTA V
09:49 – Gaming: Counterstrike : GO
10:12 – Gaming: Rocket League
10:21 – Gaming: Minecraft
11:09 – Speakers
11:32 – Battery life
12:25 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This is one of the only smaller footprint laptops out there from a major manufacturer that has a discrete GPU. This means that it is much more useful for playing games than many similarly priced laptops that lack that separate processor. As is noted in the video gaming performance for casual players is good enough even on some AAA titles like GTA V.

The price is reasonable too at $799 for what feels like a very solidly constructed 2-in-1 laptop that can be flipped around into a tablet mode. The case is aluminum and has a nice rugged feel to it.

The touchscreen is nice and responsive but the touch wires are sometimes visible when light reflects off of it.

My biggest gripe is with the right shift key and its location on the keyboard. It’s very easy to accidentally hit the up arrow as its been placed where the shift key should be.

That no-so-minor gripe aside this is a great choice for college students who want to play an occasional game or two on a small and lightweight laptop.

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