If you’re gearing up for some holiday shopping this year and have your sights on a new laptop or tablet, look no further than some of Lenovo’s latest products that just hit store shelves in time for the holiday season.

Two of our favorite products are the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. The former is arguably one of the best Windows machines available right now, while the latter is an Android tablet with a bonus feature you won’t find on any other comparable tablet on the market right now.

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  1. Techno buffalo used to make videos to show us not only the good features but also the bad features. If techno buffalo gets sponsored by lenovo how the heck is going to tell us something negative about products.

  2. Ok. Since I got my Nexus 7 2013 Wifi model this year, I am starting to debate now, on whether I should now start trading in my Nexus 7 for a Nexus 9, or get this cool, fancy looking projecting Lenovo Tablet. By the way, I'm thinking of doing this after Christmas, so I would have money ready for the trade in discount perhaps, or something. Also I'm now starting to get into digital art & music. But I would prefer an Ipad for the music part, cause I just got into Garageband. I know Google Play has a really good alternative too, for a music software app called Music Maker Jam, but it just has so many paid DLC's. So basically it's like I should have 3 awesome tablets, but not really. Is should have 1 for mainly for digital art, & the other one (Ipad) would just be for Garageband, to make my own unique songs.

  3. For a lap top with all those features and 8 gigs of ram they could have at least given you a processor with more than 1.10 ghz. Come on my 2013 HTC one is .6 ghz faster than that. It's pretty sad if smartphones have better processors than a fill fledged Windows machine. And $1,200 bucks I'll just buy a normal laptop or build a good desktop.

  4. Really?? those are the offerings from lenovo you want to show us? An android tablet and a gasp 1.1ghz laptop?? Are you serious? you should show us technology thats on the bleeding edge and powerful. Not some consumerist crap.

  5. I respect the fact that you announced you were sponsored by Lenovo for the video, wish other sites would do this.

  6. At least Apple doesn't pay the Verge they are just fanboys for free. Jon got paid to pimp the Lenovo stuff.

    I got a Yoga 2 Pro and surprised the Yoga 3 is a low end processor that is not a match for the i7 I got. Seems like a downgrade.

  7.  yoga 3 pro vs surface pro 3.
    i have the surface pro 3 and i don't like it very much. next time is breaks i will try to get a yoga 3 pro

  8. What is everyone complaining about in the comments? I could understand anger if he made a video of him just gushing over Lenovo products. At the very beginning of the video he made it very clear that Lenovo had paid TechnoBuffalo to make a video. If you didn't want to watch John say positive things about Lenovo's products why did you watch a video sponsored by Lenovo?


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