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Today I share with you my experience owning the Lenovo y50-70 gaming notebook.

NOTE: This video was shot a little over a month ago and we just got around to posting it. Lenovo finally did come through, and I received my replacement and returned the bad notebook without issue.

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  1. I feel sorry for ya all who got shitty versions. Mines just fine after about two years. I eaven admire how it survived all the abuse. It was droped multiple times, once it hit straight on the power connection, plastic chipped away inside the wire connection and yet it still works! I steppe on it and yet all that happened was that plastic ridge cracked. I use it constantly for gaming and no issues. Just one thing happened that i didnt couse it, one of the cooling fans started making LOTS of noise. Freaking BEAST!

  2. This is the worst laptop I've ever seen! First was an issue that it was not starting up. After deleting all my info and re-install windows on it was working partly well. Really low fps for such perimeters bmo, you can't run flight simulator on max 30 fps with 16 GB's of RAM and 4 GB's of VRAM compared with i7 processor!!! Never the less it came time that this ting start to fail again and it was not starting for days. I've gone to a laptop service facility and in 3 weeks they told me that the battery was the issue and they removed it. Before 24 hours I got my new pc which is this one and I still have issues – lower fps in the simulator I play, also it wont start again and it gives hardware error. Now I have to go and put it in another maintenance facility for a new battery and also for finding what is causing the problem and fix it / hopefully/. Do not buy it!!!! You are wasting your money!

  3. Don’t buy if you want a laptop that can open and close. Had mine for just over two years and the left hinge broke off. Many other owners have experienced the same issue. Called customer service and they told me it’s not a common issue and gave me no help.

  4. how about installing an egpu on y50 70 with exp gdc ,I have tried and failed and I think problem is with locked bios. I think u can solve this problem and help us y50 70 users.

  5. I'm an IT… this laptop is good but it last me 3 years. Right now I'm trying to fix it . Replaced HD
    Replaced RAM
    Seems GPU problem and motherboard is just fucked.
    Won't pass the 3 years.

  6. Low qality keyboard (keys painting), heating, soft and easy to deflect construction (not very solid really…) and high propability of emergency or disable. I wont buy any Lenovo again …

  7. Basement dweller.

    MomMMMmm, DID youUUuu wash my colors??
    Im out of pantieSsSs alreaDy…

    just playin homie, naa-aaahhh, really not tho.

    that is all

  8. i own the laptop, it don't last long man after 2 years i have been using intensed gaming, it started dying now and every 4 months something happens to it wether fans wont work correct or screen wont turn on , and i hate the stupid designer of this laptop that is has 4k 48hz (means u wont see more than 48 fps) screen yet u cant play any game in 4k unless u wana have 10 fps … no wonder its cheap …… if you are a person looking for music and dj or 3d designing softwares then its good choice , but if you are a heavy gamer like me and performance matters, i wouldnt recomend it … and their lenovo customer service are the worst, that they take 2 weeks to fix very small things … never buying lenovo again

  9. lenovo customer service is one thing you had bad experience with, and the performance and build of the computer is a totally different thing.
    If you buy at a retail store, just return it, and get a new one right away, test it, and if still have the same issue, then go ahead and review your experience with the computer.
    why don't you change your title to LENOVO Y50-70 CUSTOMER SERVICE REVIEW.

  10. I never buy any product of lenovo again.It heating ton 90celcious and 95 celcious .And lenovo told me it is good temprature lol.This is support from lenovo.Whenbibjust googled it y50 overheating issue upto 100+ threads and many websites i found.
    one thing in just 4 month of this leptop my screen started to flickering.Lenovo replaced it 3 times , 1st time they blaming i did wrog with nvidia graphics card but my story is i went for 2 months for out of station and i didnt used it.And last 2 months i bring it for in job for adding exel shits.Even i didnt installed any game into it.
    When i play csgo in steam , the temprature going upto 90celcious.
    Actually i bought it flby watching linus techtips by his biasing review of y50.
    Or he never tested any game into it.He told in review as it running on low temprature .But when i bought i googled it this issue is globally and recently same type of notebook they presented in 2013 y510p ppls shouting shouting and shouting for heating issue and lenovo dont able to resolve it.
    I strongly dknt recommand anyone to buy this pressure coocker , because you buying 1000 or 900$ leptop for making omlette.
    Go for asus , asus manufscturing own motherboards and it was silent and at low tempratures.Nit like this chinese company lenovo.

  11. hey guys even i got this laptop from my friend in the US…this laptop is definitely a bang for the buck which is why i got it..everythiing was fyn until i came across some faulty hardware..which lenovo helped me replace after counteless visits to their service centres in India..after some period i realised my laptop was a factory defect piece(i had to replace the display, mouse, keyboard keys,hardisk )pretty much the entire laptop..the problem started wen i asked for a replacement instead of repairing the defect…but lenovo just refused to service my request since i had bought it from the US, saying we cant do anything since i had bought it from the US.. the irony is even though they help replace laptop for customers who had bought them in india they were not able to help me replace mine since i had got from the US…this is so stupid because all the service centres are LENOVO and having branches all over the world..Why cant they attend to my needs!!…PS-lenovo service suckss!

  12. Warning, if you are still planning on buying this, take a look at the hinge problems that occur with the touch model. My hinge just broke off and apparently it's a manufacturing defect which isn't covered under warranty and costs $300+ to fix. Trying to fix this piece of shit is like trying to count how many hairs are on your head. It's impossible, I just want to throw this thing at a wall. Save yourself some time, and build your own desktop or look into another laptop like the dell xps

  13. I have it for one year and i absolutely regret my decision but there's that.
    1. Build quality is shit indeed
    2. Cooling is shit. I had to remove my dust filter
    3. Hinges are weak as fuck
    Pretty much that's it…Avoid Lenovo, buy a Clevo.

  14. There's nothing wrong with this laptop at all. It's a solid notebook. Just do a quick registry edit to disable the trackpad and it's golden. I use it strictly for Mastercam, not gaming, so I couldn't care less about graphics and the performance is just fine.

  15. I had some issues with my model, aye. But I got it all fixed. Unfortunately, a dumb child spilled tea all over my keyboard today, so I'm screwed.

    It's a good laptop. A bit cheap, especially the HDD, but it's damn good for raw performance.

  16. Peformance is shit compared to specs, trackpad is so awful it's almost useless. I've had it to repair twice in almost a year. Don't buy

  17. i have lenovo y50 , dont buy it , why?
    build quality is really bad
    one usb 3 red plastic came off with my flash drive
    weak hinges (plastic) , clips that helds the back cover
    if u hook a rj47 after your lap top sleeps ,it never wakes up it freezes
    if you ok with these its fine get it.

  18. Love my Y70. Overclocked the 4720HQ core & cache to 3.8GHz, disabled multithreaded turbo throttle, OCed the GTX 960 to +135 core, +620 memory (100GB/s memory bandwidth, woo!), all with a neglible increase in temperature, and a massive increase in performance. Also threw in a 1TB Samsung Evo 850, and it's unbelievably fast. Absurd almost.

  19. the hdd in it seems garbage. my system uses 100% at like 4mbps. i had a y510p on warranty, the gpu wouldnt work so they sent a guy to repair it two or 3 times. he replaced the gpu twice and i asked him if he would tell lenovo to get me a new laptop instead of sending him again. so they sent me a y50-70. I would be a lot more happy with the y50-70 if the hdd was fast , came stock with overclocking options and it had better cooling

  20. I have a Y50 touch, I have passed the 1-year warranty by around 6 months now…what happened after using it for around 1.5 years, is that the screen is falling apart, the design has a serious issue. And by the way, just like you said, when I received it, it felt like it was repaired before and just like you, I didn't want to send it to a repair facility. So basically now, I'm just screwed, either to repair this one which will cost me a fortune I'm sure OR just buy another one….but at least I learned the lesson not to buy a Lenovo again.


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