We bring you an Exclusive Hands-on and Lenovo Vibe X S960

Review of the razor-thin phone that’s released in India today. It’s prized at Rs. 25999
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Video Transcribe:
Hey what’s up guys Nothingwired.com and we are at the launch of the Lenovo S960 also called the Vibe X popularly.
And you can see what a shinny guy that is.
It’s a shinny metallic body there.
You have the 5 inch full HD screen there on top your ear piece.
Then you have a 5 MP fixed focus front camera.
Your LED notification light and other sensors gonna be on top.
Below you have the popular Lenovo shortcut keys.
On this side you have the power key there.
Below you have your mouth piece and the micro USB port.
On this side you have the sim tray there.
Volume rocker and then your 3.5mm jack.
Behind you have the 13 MP auto focus camera that can record at full HD.
You have another noise cancelling mic here I suspect it’s noise cancelling it could be some else other but it’s accompanied by LED flash.
Your Lenovo markings and that incredible nice Sand Blasted kind of silver back that gives the phone absolute class.
It’s so thin it’s so classy and it’s so aggressively priced that it’s gonna be really the phone to beat at this price.
And I gonna talk about the price and availability in a bit.
Let’s go and check out the display quickly.
Now as I told you it has full HD 5 inch display that translates to about 441ppi of color density which should give you brilliantly crisp screen.
And it is in fact very crisp screen when you come close and check out the camera icon there you can see how crisp they are.
I absolutely love the viewing angle as well ya.
There you see very nice viewing angle ya.
That’s home button that’s your menu button.
And that’s back long pressing back does not do anything long pressing on the home will actually to you to Google now.
Long pressing menu item will do some other stuffs.
Ya so that’s about it.
It runs in Android 4.2 let’s check out some of the apps.
So I don’t see menu button here.
So they have probably adapted Wow Witze design where all the apps are present only on the home screen.
Ya there you see so you have the dallier here.
Nice big dallier you have the messaging app there then your browser ya.
Then the settings and all stuff.
Everything is very very polished ya.
At least on this set ya we gonna have to do stress test on it.
We gonna have to take you through various gaming’s and Benchmark to see how it actually feels in real world.
Unfortunately this guy is powered by a Mediatek processor.
It’s powered by Mediatek chipset running Quadcore 1.5 Ghz cortex A7 CPU.
And a power viewer GPU it has 2 GB of RAM and it comes in 16 and 32 GB variants ya.
So Mediatek processors are generally not known to be very good gamer’s.
But then we will have to see how this guy feels.
Mediatek has come along way in providing optimized processors and GPU’s for the Newest phones.
We will have to see so that’s the camera interface.
I am gonna show you quickly the 13 MP camera.
That’s how it’s gonna take picture ya.
So those are your settings and stuff.
And I am gonna toggle that to the video mode.
That should be the one.
So you can click your pictures while you are shooting video from here ya.
So let’s stop that that’s for your flash and ya this pretty much brings out all the settings.
So there are no ISO settings or there are no metering OK there is white balance but there is no metering and other semi automatic settings which is fine for this price range.
So you have all the default Google apps of course.
And then your all are pretty much hiding in this folder.
And then you have Lenovo’s in house apps like Lenovo Sync and you know share it and secure it.
So share it something where the phone creates like Adhoc WIF with another phone and even when you don’t have any internet connection.
You can transfer share files between those two.
Your video app here ya.
Let’s run some video and see.
It was little slow to turn actually.
Very nice viewing angle very nice viewing angle it’s crisp black color.
But the screen is little reflective which is common thing you know in glossy screens.
But amazing viewing angles here.
And it’s protected by Gorilla Glass 3.
So it will probably survive an unintentional drop any day not from very height but your usual drops.
Nice ya so that’s about those and what else you have your gallery here.

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  1. why can't I make the background of the screen from the gallery and it have broken from my dad by accident and now the screen is broken it hurts my eye

  2. Лучшая цена, Aliexpress. S960: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-Lenovo-S960-VIBE-X-Quad-Core-MTK6589-Smart-Phone-5-0-Inch-IPS-2GB-16GB/603269_1979577370.html

  3. price is very much reduced. This comes at 18 K in reliance stored. i bought it in 19600 by adding 2 years extra warranty 

  4. Hii, nice review. I liked it
    I just wanted to know whether it can be updated to android 4.2.2 instantly, I expected it to have the same….

  5. @Lenovo_In Lenovo Vibe X S960 Review: Exclusive Hands-on – 5-inch full HD screen, 13MP camera, Price in India Lenovo Vibe X S960 Review: Exclusive Hands-on – 5-inch full HD screen, 13MP camera, Price in India


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