Here’s the Vibe P1, Lenovo’s new mid-range 5,000 mAh smartphone, the Vibe P1.

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  1. I bought this thing really cheap from ebay, I've had it for almost 9 months now and I just wanted to drop by and say that I am surprised by how well it works. The camera is decent, it works kind of well with good lighting but very poorly when it's dark where you are taking pictures. Outside of the camera, the phone is a beast tbh. The battery easily lasts me two full days with medium use, and I've basically never had issues with it being slow or feeling like it lags. Very satisfied with this for the pricetag. I barely take photos so I can live with the low quality photos, otherwise I really like this phone. Just wanted to drop by and tell you guys.

  2. sir I got this mobile 4 months ago… I got Jio sim in my lenovo vibe p1 a42 and the speed of the Jio 4G network is too slow comparing of another mobile plz what I do???? what is the problem??? plz any one help me

  3. I regret buying this phone. The specs are only good to read but in reality the phone sucks. For an average employee here in the Philippines 320 US dollars is already expensive. I was saving money to buy a midrange phone that is worth it. Lenovo stop fooling people

  4. I bought Lenovo Vibe P1 two weeks ago.  It's really a very good mid-range smartphone and with a massive 5000mAh battery, it took me after 4 days to charge it in normal used. I'm really enjoying using this phone aside from my iPhone 6s Plus. Kudos to Lenovo.  Thanks for your excellent review, I really like it!

  5. perfect phone . sound is superb…. Lte.. dual sim wth microsd card slot. the sound is superb better than iphobe 6s plus and s7

  6. yes. the capacitive key buttons have lights and there's also a notification light at the top right hand corner…

  7. I have thl5000 for almost 3 years now. and I love it.  the 5000mah battery sure is a great thing. its about time they make more phones like this

  8. I would buy it, but It needs to be 6.1 Inches… 1080p… 3GB of RAM… Have a MicroSD Card slot.. and a 5,000 or 5,500 mAH battery. That would be a winner for me.


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