Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo ThinkPad X390, the 2019 edition of Lenovo’s smallest X series business Ultrabook. The laptop’s display is larger than previous generations at 13.3”, and thanks to smaller bezels the overall size is similar to the older 12.5” models. The ThinkPad X390 is available with Intel 8th gen Whiskey lake quad core, 15 watt Core i5 and Core i7 processors, dual channel DDR4 RAM and an M.2 NVMe SSD. There are a variety of display options, including a matte touch screen and privacy guard display. 4G LTE, a Windows Hello IR camera, ThinkShutter for webcam privacy and fingerprint scanner are optional. The 2.84 lb / 1.28 kg notebook PC is as light as a MacBook Air, and like all ThinkPads, has passed a number of MIL Spec tests.
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  1. Hi I would like to know, what is its graphic processing unit and if it is suitable working with 3d modeling and rendering software like rhinoceros,sketchup and keyshot?Thanks

  2. This machine is garbage. It has nothing to do with a thinkpad.
    Why can´t i upgrade the ram ? If my X230 had only soldered Ram, it would be stuck to the 2012 standard of 4GB now and therefore nearly unusable. Instead, i can even upgrade it to 32GB now while a new midrage X390 is stuck to soldered 8GB forever. What a silly joke.
    Non-accessable battery. Did they ever hear embedded controllers go crazy so that you have to remove the battery to make it start again ? … On the old machines, any user could do it. On this, the user has to bring it in or start in 100 times without removing the battery in hope that it will work somehow again. USELESS.
    Onboard soldered USB-chargig port ? Have fun with lose connections after moving the charging cable for some time. I know this from ancient laptops. The thinkpad´s old separate charging port was perfect. Why did they remove it ?
    They removed the 2.5 SATA, RAM and WIFI are soldered, but still you can only use ONE M.2 SSD ? Again. What a silly joke.

    Whoever is designing those machines – fire him instantly ! This person has no idea how a thinkpad should be like and this person doesn´t even have a clue about common it standards and problems nowadays. This person just went into an Apple store and copied all shit from them. I mean … they removed almost every ungradability to make it few mm thinner. And still, there are those huge bezels. Even the modded 13.3 inch X240 in the german thinkpad forum has thinner bezels than this one. Again: What a fucking fail. If you wanna make it cool and thin, remove ALL bezels.

    Designing a thinkpad like that is simply ridiculous.
    Thinkpads had so many great features. Almost all are gone now. But the one thing that has always been bad – the sucking entry level TN HD screen – is still there. It´s like failing at every single point you can fail.

  3. Why would one choose the X390 compared to X1 carbon? at least in Europe the X390 is quite pricey already, but X1 is much more portable and only slightly larger in depth (but lighter and thinner and larger screen). I would have loved Lenovo to keep the 12" series, so to cover a line that is significantly different than the X1 and yes, I would like a real laptop to fit my purse, instead of just tablets.

  4. I just got the 10th generation i-5 with all the bells and whistles for $1,088 shipped to my door. Lisa do you think this is a good purchase?

  5. Hi Lisa, your tees are always awesome and you give outstanding reviews! Awesome job! Is it possible if you can review the x395 (AMD)and compare this against the x390 ? It’s like half the price and it seems to have 90% of the goodies! Seems too good to be true..

  6. The year 2020 we can say this is the year when Lenovo Thinkpad become MAC ass kissers. 2020 Most Lenovo Thinkpad machines build with no external battery options, no upgrade or replace Rams, SSD ..etc. That what we talking about. Fucking ThinkPad communists.

  7. I just bought the x395 with Ryzen 5 Pro and Vega 8 graphics. Love the laptop so far. I haven’t been impressed with a laptop for a long time but this one impressed me.

  8. I am an X-200T/201T user. Does this have an Ultrabase for it? Is there a tablet version, similar to the X20201/220/230 tablets?

  9. "Great video! Please, I'm thinking of buying my first Lenovo ThinkPad. Do I go for Lenovo ThinkPad E490 or E590 or the "newer" Lenovo ThinkPad E14 or E15? What do you suggest? The X and T series are not within my budget. I will appreciate your kind suggestion. Thanks :)"

  10. this is no thinkpad, this is garbage. If you wanna make it modern, get rid of those fat display bezels. But don´t remove all upgrade options for 2mm thickness. There must be at least 1 ram slot and there should be a 2nd M.2 slot. Even if it´s half size. What the heck are they doing to the thinkpad line ?

  11. To the people complaining about the TN-panel. You can choose between TN and IPS and the displays are FHD. IPS consumes more power, ergo you have worse battery performance. These things are made for working, that's why lenovo allows you to CONFIGURE it to your specific needs.

  12. so it's like the lenovo x280? I think 13.3" is hte perfect size. I have the Lenovo x270 which I love especially the battery life. The X280 was a disappointment; the battery life sucks.

  13. i'm replying this on mhy x230. i5, 8G, SSD, IPS, removable harddrive, removable battery, upgradable memory.
    this kind of X series totally missed the point of being a thinkpad.

  14. Thank you for the great review! Does someone know what's the difference between the x390 and l390 yoga?

  15. Hello Lisa . Somehow I bumped into your channel and love your reviews – I just subscribed – I am into getting a new laptop- have a MB , 10 years old but I am undecided with Apple 🍏 or Lenovo …!

  16. I just kept watching the video over and over. What a beautiful presentation. Holy cow…let's have dinner on me !

  17. What did you monsters do to that the T490 you used for comparison? Looks like the base cover on the left side is not snapped back on properly.

  18. FFS Lenovo, make a real thinkpad again! No wide screen, no chick keyboard, no soldered crap and no cheap finishes.


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