The X230 is one of the most favoured of the X series. Many consider it to be an excellent compromise between the X220 and X240 models. Lots of mods can be done, but they require some additional knowledge beyond opening some exe files. But this unit is highly favoured by many.

Maintenance Manual:

Mod Guide for X220 keyboard:

Instructions for Hardware Flashing the BIOS:

LittleRobotSoundFactory ( )

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  1. watching this on my x230 i7 with the latest version of Hackintosh Catalina. everything goes super well

  2. That keyboard is HORRIBLE to type on for 2 reasons:
    – problematic layout (shape of keys feeling the same, a frustration to build gesture memory)
    – shift to a hardened physical feedback that prevent different finger pressure to be applied
    (forcing everybody to type lightly ALL the time)

    That and the Hardware LOCK made the product line philosophy go downhill..
    The end result is a Decrease in comfort, efficiency , longevity, hardware knowledge.

    I should reveal to you guys it was done on purpose as part of a larger techno-centric enslaving agenda.

    (Progressively) Taking out control of the Owner IS computing SLAVERY
    It's made possible because masses of customers did not RAISED CONCERNS.

  3. In my town you can buy re-used X230 (leasing computer which come back) for 140€ with 4 GB and 180 GB SSD with 1 year waranty.

    ITS my 2. X230 in 6 years… Nice machine!

  4. 2020 : Still using X230, IPS, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 11 Hours battery life, 4 Hours battery life everything on max…. Battery Capacity 94.00 WHR, Windows 7

  5. love my x230 from Spain. I bought two. Found them for dirt cheap in great condition for about 120 bucks. added some ram, half a TB SD and running Manjaro GNU/Linux. Runs like a champ! lol people have no idea how good these old laptops are. They think they are old obsolete junk because they arent the newest and shiniest macbooks and they have no idea how to upgrade ram or hard disks.

  6. 2020. Still on x230 i7-3520M. Love it. It was upgraded: mem up to 16 gb, both disks – ssd: msata 500 gb + sata 500 gb (Ubuntu 16.04 + win 10). Works great. Battery 75% of capacity. Unfortunately lenovo does not create new versions of x230. I have even dockstation! New versions of thinkpads: all soldered in(not upgradeable) and thin. I don't like them. Dockstaton on wire, proprietary ports…. Brrr…

  7. My wife has the X230 and I have the X220 with IPS. I did not find noticeable difference in speed between the 2 but the X220 is definitely more pleasurable to use because of the better keyboard and screen.

  8. Just picked one up this last week off Ebay for under $125, came with 128GB SSD and 8GB of Ram w/ Windows 10 and works flawlessly, i only need this for Auto Tuning Software lol…


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