Lenovo’s foldable OLED PC prototype last year now has a name, a price, and a vague shipping date. The ThinkPad X1 Fold will be available mid-2020 for $2,499 — but how’s it shaping up?

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  1. Windows: For some reason you're always the first person to leap at this trial aren't u lenovo? T.T

    Lenovo: Yup now guys hurry up n gimme ur money >:D

    Windows: Its not going to work lenovo…-_-"

    Lenovo: I know……….its such a sad reality 😭

    Windows: This is why I believe tablets like this r going to have to be affordable without the flip besides that's what those chromebooks r for anyways. T.T

  2. "windows 10 isn't designed for this type of screen". And never will be. Microsoft will give up on their new foldable OS soon too i'm sure.

  3. Apprently,a averange company foldable tab just suprass a richest tech company fold phone and is equal to the most advanced tech companies fold phone

  4. Why not make a full size folding keyboard as well. This way a full size laptop would be able to fit in a purse or cross-body bag. A good keyboard is what differentiates a laptop experience from a tablet experience.


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