The Lenovo ThinPad X1 Extreme is a 4lb laptop that packs amazing hardware for its size. It’s the ThinkPad i’ve been waiting for! Think of this as the beefed up version of the thinkpad x1 carbon. Watch for the full unboxing and first impressions. Make sure to subscribe for the full review!

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  1. Hi.. could you pls let me know how noisy it is during audio/video recording? I mean I just wanted to know if the fan noise is too much during podcasting or recording.

  2. Congrats!!! Your video helps me a lot to decide! 😀
    Now, I have this issue, do this happen to you?

  3. Hi Matthew… I watched your youtube video on the X1 Extreme and I wanted to ask what your thoughts were between the X1 Extreme and the X1 Carbon.. I am torn between going for a 15.6 laptop or moving to a 14" laptop? I have a MacBook Pro 15" laptop right now but want to move to a Windows laptop but just not sure if I will feel the 14" is too small? What's your thoughts on 14" v 15.6" ??? Many thanks

  4. Hi Matt, quick question, I'm considering the X1E but the only thing I'm worried about is being able to put a 2tb SSD in the spare slot. Is it possible? Have you tried?

  5. Bought this as a replacement for my 2018 15" MacBook Pro, as I couldn't stand its stupid keyboard anymore. The 135W specific port is awesome, as Thunderbolt 3 is limited to 100W, so it charges faster. It's also MIL-STD-810G, which means you won't end-up with a very costly keyboard repair like for the defective-by-design MacBook Pro.

  6. Nipple Love Please be advised if you disable the Hybrid Graphics these devices will lock you out of the BIOS permanently – trying to send mine back as i type this

  7. So classy. I wish Lenovo had a Thinkpad with a full size keyboard. With it being a 15", I hoped it would. Best touchscreen laptops with full size keyboard with excellent display, strong reliability and 512MB-1TB SSD? I've been looking at the HP Spectre x360 15T Gem Cut. I'm also open to laptops 14" or larger that doesn't have the full size keyboard if it's a VERY comfortable one, like the Thinkpad. Suggestions?

  8. Hi, how to achieve full performance of this machine when running on battery. Is it possible to match the performance of that when on power adapter? How to do it?

  9. dont get this, oled displays are comming to 15 inch notebooks this year so you guys should hold on to your dollars

  10. I was a tech for a while, we told customers all the time their laptops were overheating due to design….

  11. One of the customer in amazon complaining about the Lenovo's thunderbolt. What Lenovo don't tell you is thunderbolt 3 on all their laptops are a proprietary technology not like a Mac thunderbolt. In other words, compatiblilty to 4k Monitors/TVs is going to be an issue. Is this true?

  12. I think I'd like to add this drive to my X1 extreme (Samsung 970 PRO 512GB – NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7P512BW). Can any experts comment if this will work? Also what kinda ram should I get to go from 32 to 64?

  13. Saw this video two months ago and I bought the x1 extreme on boxing day, it's going to get delivered tomorrow, I am so excited.


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