The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2! What can I say about this machine, one of the best ThinkPad machine I’ve tested so far. Here is the unboxing and the full review of laptop for your enjoyment. Later!

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  1. I really enjoyed reviewing the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 with the GTX 1650 as it's graphic card. It's powerful enough to handle my editing workflow and still have that high performance to game and stream at the same time. You can't beat that.

  2. Hi BTNHD, does this laptop have pen support for drawing on the touchscreen? I'm interested in buying one and heard that it can be used with an active pen that can be purchased separately.

  3. had this laptop for a week and sent it back. The 4K lasted for me only 2-2h30 hours (programming on ubuntu), this was ridiculous.

  4. I cant believe that a laptop with a 4k oled doesnt have good battery?! I mean you even had all white pages. Unbelievable from lenovo. Yeah they'll probably call it extreme extreme not gen 3. I'm gonna buy the dell xps, THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEW!!!

  5. If you put the laptop on a pillow, it obstructs the airflow leading to the processor thermal throttle. So better put it on a table unless the laptop is being used for some light work.

  6. Great video, thanks! Having watched your p1 review as well, I am ready to order the p1 now. I would really appreciate if you could comment on the 4k oled screen; is it glossy or matte? How is it compared to the 4k ips panel? Is the oled screen too glossy for business use? Cheers.


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