Lenovo ThinkPad Extreme Gen 2 improves upon its predecessor with upgrades including up to 9th Gen Intel Core i9 processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with Max-Q design, and a brighter optional 4K OLED touch display and Dolby Atmos Speaker System.


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  1. My own X1E G2 with the 4K IPS Display (matte) has a MAX runtime of 4h when using it very thoroughly on minimal Power Settings. With Optimal powersettings and doing a bit of slightly excessive websurfing you can quickly drop to ca 2.5h runtime.

    I had first a completely failed Keyboard which took 2 attempts to fix (thank god I purchased it with onsite Support), then it has a slightly mushy typing feeling and even although I am not a fast typer it manages to loose keys occasionally. (See the very excessice Lenovo Forum thread. It seems a Standard Problem!)

    Another issue is microstuttering and hangs: you have frequent short hangs and on longer Sessions 1-2 longer hangs where it becomes unresponsive. Streaming often leads to desynchonisation of Audio and Video which doesn't even happen on my old trusty x230. It's NOT suited for Audio Work!
    Miserable Latency.

    Not the best Laptop Lenovo did. For the price I'm super annoyed. (No, unfortunately I can't return it).

  2. their oled screen are defective.. they know and they still ship them .. you see the f. touch mesh and there is a color haze because of the mesh.. they are not even glossy. and they fake not knowing about it.. dont buy.. they certainly will not honor their warranty as they didnt with my yoga gen 2 oled .. even then this new screen is 10x worst than the yoga gen2 even if that one had other defects..

    we dont care about creepy dirty touch fucking screen we want pure oled with glass over it wake the fuck up you lenovo retards

  3. Since the colour accuracy of the 4k screen appears to be so much better than that of the FHD, am I wrong to think that this makes the 4k display essential for anyone using their laptop for photo/video editing? For someone who doesn't care much about the difference in the internal specs, is the "matte" 4k display really worth the price jump between the gen 1 and gen 2? Also, did you miss the rubbery finish? The new look, looks… cheap?

  4. Lenovoo make an aluminum unibody and ill buy one the second its out. I would pay an extra $500 dollar for an aluminium body.

  5. Great review — but the units now offered do not come with i9, only i7 is offered. Do you know what happened here?

  6. This time around the P1 gen2 has a more powerful video card option than the extreme. The Quadro T2000. Quite a bit more powerful than the 1650. It's not officially VR ready but I think it might be powerful enuf? Only 4Gb but rated higher than GTX1060 on notebookcheck. Plz someone let me know if they've tried VR on the T2000. 1650 maybe even will if the gtx1050ti does?

  7. Is this better than XPS 15?

    XPS – same display options (i would take OLED), GTX 1650 Graphics (better), no second NVMe slot (worst), 97Whr battery (better), 1 thunderbolt port only (worst)

    Extreme Gen 2 – same display options (i would take OLED), worst GTX 1650 MaxQ Graphics (worst), 2 NVMe slots (better), 80Whr battery (worst), 2x thunderbolt (better)

    As Linux user, I think they both will support Linux in the same way.

    Its hard choice. What would you take?

  8. speakers not on top … epic fail for 2k laptops. Why can noblody do things right? there is always one thing that's just way off. Speakers suck, or keyboard sucks, or weight sucks, or ports missing, or battery sucks, or screen sucks. Just dial it all in and sell a great laptop so people aren't missing something major. F

  9. I would like written instructions as to how to get 14 hours of battery life out of that laptop. Literally NOBODY is getting that.

  10. OLED panel is fantastic, wish they added that option to X1 carbon model too. I don't mind removing taskbar etc to prevent burn-in to have greater battery life with dark themes on. Still huge bezels though. I will wait for the 2020 model..


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