In today’s showdown, everyone is a winner really. You can’t go wrong with these machines but some might be heavier lifters than others.

Let me know in the comments which you would choose and why.

X240 Video

X230 Video

X220 Videos

X201 Video

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  1. I love my x230 – upgraded to 1080p ips display and personally much prefer the backlit chiclet keyboard. I don't like the x240 as it has that internal battery, as once its dead it becomes basically dead weight and will most likely be much more difficult to replace.

  2. Which one would I pick, anyone of them. They are all bombproof and if they are all at the same price, I would get the newest model. They are faster, more efficient.

  3. Hi there. First of all tahnk you for this video. Since little over a year my only and daily driver is a Lenovo Thinkpad x230. Upgraded to 16 GB of Ram with a Samsung EVO 860 250 GB SSD.
    I also bought a Docking Station and using this machine with 2 external Monitors including internal display to make Websites.
    Would you also recommend the 430 series machines???

  4. Something else to consider. If you can get an X201 for a good price unless you are doing something that requires a seriously high powered CPU or over 8 GBs of RAM it is still a good option. People often forget that the Express Card slot gives you alot of flexibility. For 20 or 30 dollars you can get Express card adapters that will allow you to add anything from a vintage serial port to full size Firewire and even USB 3.

  5. I have just became an owner of used X240. I am positivly suprised by battery life and overall response. Compact dimensions. Very happy even that I am using it only one day (just writing comment from it)

  6. I bought a refurbed X201 5 years ago with a 2010 manufacture date that I use for personal use and it is still going strong. I must have gotten one that hardly saw any use or the whole outer case and keyboard was replaced as it looked like new.

    For work, my company issued me a brand new X230 in 2013. The X230 worked great for two years then it suddenly started cutting out without warning as if someone pulled out the battery, I was told that this is an issue with the thermal paste. At first it would happen only occasionally, but after a few months the frequency increased to where it was occurring several times a day. I had it exchanged for another X230 that after a year started doing the same thing. I then exchanged it again, that one was in the early stages of cutting out about once a week when I was issued a new Lenovo Yoga in 2016 which I still have with no issues.

    As for the X201, I am about to upgrade it to Windows 10 and replace the battery. If that goes well and it still performs okay, I will swap the HD for an SSD. To me the X201 always felt more solid than the X230.

  7. These X201 Etc Lenovo Refreshed batterys are +75.00 – $150.00Better use a Wall Wart, Battery ci$ta MORE then Restored Working X201 Laptop.

  8. Laptop Retrospective10 months agoSlice batteries are rare and expensive now from what I can find because only Lenovo made them. I'm not aware of any third parties that manufacturers them. › 2011/08/01 › who-knew-thinkpad-batteries-require-a…
    Who Knew Thinkpad Batteries Require A Jump Start …Aug 1, 2011 – Lithium
    battery packs reaching the end of their life usually have a lot of kick
    left in them. … here (think about that really bad press about
    exploding laptop batteries). …. Basically if you fully drain the main (nimh) battery, you will need a ….. I have Lenovo Thinkpad x201.irecelled it with 15600mah cells.pack isn't … › 2016/05 › info-lenovo-fix-battery
    Info Lenovo fix battery – TAMBATMay 26, 2016 – Lenovo ideapad z400 or z500 battery not charginghow to, How to … Battery IBM LENOVO X200 X201 (6600mAh) | Batteries IBM Lenovo …

  9. Don't these all have a Docking Station? My X201 with Dock is a Beast!I run Ubuntu Linux 16:04 LTS. It is my GO-TO when my Desktop is down.
    I can make it a Desk Top vt attaching Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor.
    Only one stick of memory, tho; it it so old, I have had it since 2015,
    Have you ever swapped the HDD for a SSD in any of these?

  10. Great video! Please, I'm thinking of buying my first Lenovo ThinkPad. Do I go for Lenovo ThinkPad E490 or E590 or the "newer" Lenovo ThinkPad E14 or E15? What do you suggest? I will appreciate your kind suggestion. Thanks 🙂

  11. So I have a burning and time sesitive question. I currently use an x210 with 6gb ram. I want to upgrade a bit. My x210 has seen better days. My x210 has an i7 (first gen,,,) The x230 that I plan to upgrade to will have the RAM from the old machine etc. But the x230 has an i5 (3rd gen.) Are they just about equivellent? Would the newer i5 architecture be faster than the older i7.

  12. i7 x220 16gb ram with USB 3.0. Hoping the IPS panel comes in cheaper than a 100$. On its way now from China. $35 purchase price. Wait and see the customs charges. Keyboard is the decider. Serviceability is fkin A. 500gb ssd with win7 Pro and Linux on virtual box. Modded bios. Replaced keyboard and touch pad, palm rest and top lid (broken corners) when bought off ebay. Standard battery life about 4 hours. Not bad. Have an x250 at wk and this is better. Trying to think of reasons to add mSata and the upgraded WiFi & Bluetooth card 😁

  13. I swear by Thinkpads. I own 4 of them (via Craigslist). I have the X200, built like a tank. One of the last remaining new in Japan units I am told.

  14. Love your videos your intro is inspiring me dood this is the exact video I needed
    had a x240 just sold it looking for something better and I really appreciate it.

  15. I had x201, it was great, I used that x201 with
    SSD 128 and 8gb of RAM and believe me that was running very fast but heat is the big issue here.
    Now I replace it by x220 today. I'm sure it will perform great but I know heat would be the issue.
    I was using Visual Studio 2015 never close never not responding.

  16. I have a Mint X201 with docking station beefed up with 8GB ram and 250 SSD i5 and it's faster than my HP desktop. Would never sell it. These have a quality that is seldom seen these days and the fingerprint reader still works on Windows 10

  17. Still rockin my i7-2640m X220, it's blazing fast (it runs a bit hot tho), its IPS screen is great and it's a very capable, sturdy and chunky machine, that's also super easy to service and upgrade!

  18. @Laptop Retrospective Your videos are very informative and useful .I hope to purchase a X230 and upgrade it to 16 GB RAM , SSD etc . I do like to know if 1) Can i attach a USB wifi dongle ( 802.11 ac with 2.4 and 5 Ghz frequencies to it without any changes to BIOS ? 2) attach an external keyboard and monitor without changing bios ? 3) use a 95 W charger made for X220 ?


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