Quick Tech Tips Lenovo Serie E
Quick lookup at those two model of lenovo tested and i think its the same there no big deferent betwine E480 i5/ E490 i7
Just Buy E480 i5

Price Start at 529,00 Euro
ThinkPad E480 and E490 is definitely more ThinkPad for its price now than it was before. It’s a great machine to buy and deploy if you’re running and managing a small business. The ThinkPad E480 scores top marks in the build, keyboard, and touchpad departments, but leaves us wanting in the performance and display departments.

You should buy the ThinkPad E480 without batting an eyelid if your job (or hobby, for that matter) involves a great deal of typing and web browsing. Do yourself a favour before swiping your card though: get a variant with 8GB of RAM and choose an SSD-based storage option over HDD even if you’re losing out on capacity

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