This is a review of the Lenovo ThinkPad P52.
So how do you like my first review video in this style? Please let me know if I missed anything you wanted to hear about this laptop, and ill be sure to reply to your comment, as well as keeping that in mind for future videos like this.
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Intel Core i7 8850H
Quadro P3200
500Gb WD Black HDD (I will be buying a m.2 ssd really soon)
1080p IPS Matte display

Filmed on iPhone 8+ (4k @ 60fps)
Edited using Cyberlink PowerDirector 15

Editing PC Specs:
Intel Core i7 6800k
GTX 1070 FTW
16gb DDR4 RAM (corsair)
Asus Sabortooth x99 MOBO
corsair h80i

Animated using Blender


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  1. Great video! I am planning to buy this lenovo p52 but is it usb c can connect with wacom cintiq pen display (kinda like external monitor)?

  2. As I am studying Mechatronics Engineering do you think this laptop is the best suit for me or not. I’m thinking to get the second hand MacBook Pro 2017/18. Do you this it’s a good idea or not? Thank you

  3. Nice video! I’m always amazed at the performance you can get out of a laptop like this that isn’t as aesthetically pleasing.

    You would probably pay 2x the price for a Mac book with similar performance. I don’t know why more people don’t look into alternatives like this!

  4. I'm not really a giant geek and I got a question: can I put my own SSD ( A Kingston 480 gb SSD) in the 2.5-inch drive slot?

  5. I did not like this laptop. My Macbook pro early 2013 is better.
    Here in Sweden I paid $2700 for P52 and it feels so plastic.
    The trackpad are not as good as Apples trackpad, not eaven close.
    And that annoying HDD indicator on the bezel!
    First of all, a hard drive is working all the time, så the indicator flashes all the time.
    Try to se a Netflix movie at night when you have an flashlight acting like an strobe in your face.
    The power in this machine is good though.
    But I would suggest another laptop instead.

  6. Which would be better for Color correction and Color grading videos and pictures ThinkPad52 or MSI GT75 8RG both with the 4k 100%argb panel?

  7. I am P71 owner. Spec is 7820HQ P5000. Heat dissipation is very good when working under loads. But from when I installed and used  Real Temp GT 3.70, P71's cpu temp heatup 20℃〜15℃(92℃~78℃). So then I removed this software  from a computer. However,the temperature did not go down(92℃~78℃). But When I used windows Restore Point  solved the problem. Now P71's cpu temp is very cool(78℃~39℃). So I will recommend everyone not only removed this software but also should use windows Restore Point after used this software for notebook.

  8. Hope it helps! I have a question too: can you PLEASE check, if the panel uses Pulse-width modulation (PWM), or pulse-duration modulation (PDM)  = backlight flickering and share this info? Many Thanks!!!

  9. Thanks for the review! Do you have a way to measure the fan noise in Db under full CPU and GPU load like notesbookcheck? they only reviewed the slower model with the p1000 so it would be useful to know how the p3200 behaves in that regard (no one on the net has done it yet).

  10. Thank for the review, guy. I plan to buy it too.
    In my opinion, everything is good, but it would be better if you move your camera(IP8+) more slowly and smoothly. ^^


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