Unboxing of the best android tablet, the lenovo tab 4 8 plus.
Gaming review, Dual Apps, Screen Quality Review, Best Case Available, Audio quality etc.

1) 1080p Display of this tablet is amazing watching movies and playing games is super fun.
2) Speed is also good the tablet almost never lags. The lag seen in the video is because my internet was not so fast in the room I shot the video.The tablet is not the one to be blamed.
3) Dolby audio is also good and loud but ofcourse it dosen’t have bass. But the audio is loud and clear.
4) PUBG can only be played at medium settings it lags above that but playing on such a huge screen is fun.
5) My only complaint is the 16gb internal storage, it is just not enough. If you can afford to buy the 64gb model for ₹21990 go for it. Because this tablet with 64GB storage will be the perfect android tablet.
I got this tablet for ₹ 16499 from Amazon India
Tab Buying Link:
Case Link:

Special Thanks to No Copyright Sounds for their Amazing royalty free Music:
1. Exit Friendzone ft. Eden – Iris [NCS Release]
2. Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]
3. Elektronomia – Summersong 2018 [NCS Release]
4. Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]

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  1. May you find your guiding light in the darkness, and always have a star to wish on for your hardest days. May you not feel alone when you are sad or upset or lost, and may resolution and happiness always find you quickly.

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  2. Is it well now i mean now any problem with device?? N can we play pubg with latest pubg update without any lags n frane rate drop?

  3. Sir I bought this tablet lenovo tab4 8 plus from flipkart and I am facing a issue. I don't know whether it's in my particular tablet or every piece of this model. Could you please check and reply me as soon as possible so I can return or replace this tablet. My problem is -" screen turns black while playing video when there's a black background scene in video or text on black background then screen turn off for that moment or I can't see anything. Please check by searching "video with Black background" on YouTube. You will find some videos with black background. Please check in lowest brightness and in full screen landscape mode. Anyone who read this comment please check with your tablet also. Thank you and reply soon.

  4. How is it's battery back up. Before I have a lenovo k3 note, and that had a very bad battery backup, I want to buy tab only for playing games, so how is it's 🔋 backup.. how long can I play pubg once full charged, please reply ASAP

  5. Should I get this or the Tab 4 10 Plus or the Samsung Tab S4? I'm so confused. Please help me.

    The only reason I'm considering the Tab S4 is because of the stylus because I need to take notes and also for doodling and drawing. But it's 58k (which is expensive for me).

    My reasonable budget for a tablet is 30k.

    My main uses are watching movies and videos, reading books, magazines, comics, and also editing pictures taken on my camera.

    I'll be holding the tab with my hands most of the time while watching videos and reading (so it's like almost 90% of the time). So my hands should not ache because of the weight when I hold it continuously.

    Considering all that I said, please tell me which tab I should buy.

  6. In terms of overall screen quality & brightness, Speakers loudness & quality, general performance and battery life…which do you hink is better between the Tab 4 8 Plus, an iPad Mini 4 or an older Nexus 9?


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