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The Lenovo Tab E7 is a very inexpensive tablet with a price starting at just 50 US Dollars. For this, we get a 7-inch screen and a MediaTek quad-core processor. It is one of the first tablets to ship with Android Go Edition.

As you can see in my review, the performance, build quality, and software are pretty good. However, its screen, cameras, speakers, and especially battery life could be better.

Do you like the Lenovo Tab E7?

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  1. Presently using one. Had it for about 18 months so I'm pretty much over it. Plan to get a refurbished iPad Air 2 in the next two or three weeks, as I'm too broke to be able to save for a Pro in such a short time.

  2. احسن تابلت في السعر ده وبيشغل فري فاير علي اخر جرافك يعني هو ممتاز ممتاز لو عايز واحد بالسعر ده هو احسن تابلت

  3. Yo tengo una tablet de este modelo, pero tengo un problema de bloqueo. Alguien me podría ayudar a resetearla x favor no se como.. 😥😥

  4. 1:48 let me correct you there
    Using the built in Dolby Atmos app you can get quite a lot of bass for a tablet and good sound quality

  5. I just got it from plaisio.gr with 70€ 🤗😁😎 love it ! the only complaint is there is no #otg function 🙁 but in rest is fuckin amazing …. the only thing left is to put a protective screen membrane and to find a nice zip case

  6. That shooting game is not played on this Tab, this is fake, with 1Gb of Ram memory u can barely run Skype. Btw i'm planing to get this for my kid, least we can do is watch YouTube.

  7. thanks for the video, was looking for a cheap replacement after my 6 year old tablet finally died and pretty much this tablet is perfect for me…I have one question though, has anyone tried Discord on it?


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