We review the US edition of the Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus. With a $230 price tag and most of the feature boxes ticked, should this be your next Android Tablet?

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This is the 8 inch version of the Tab4 10 Plus, but other than screen size they are identical. The international model has more RAM, a glass back, and larger storage options, but they cost more as well.

Screen Size 8 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
Processor 2 GHz Snapdragon
Hard Drive Flash Memory Solid State
Card Description Integrated
Other Technical Details
Brand Name Lenovo
Series Tab 4 8 Plus
Item model number ZA2H0000US
Operating System Android 7.1
Item Weight 1.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 4.8 x 8.3 x 0.3 inches
Item Dimensions L x W x H 4.84 x 8.29 x 0.27 inches
Color Black
Processor Brand Qualcomm
Processor Count 8
Snapdragon 625
Flash Memory Size 16.0
Optical Drive Type None

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  1. Hi Great review. But I need to ask between this tablet and the iPad mini 4 which do you think has a better sounding & clearer / louder audio? (I heard/read that the Tab 4's speakers somewhat sound mono and as if someone has a clogged nose. True?) And in terms of split screen multitasking which one you think supports more apps in split screen and one that supports drag n drop?

  2. When I download PDF from emails or take it from someone via share it or Bluetooth, it tells "no app is available in this device to open this file". But I have Adobe reader in the tab. When I rename the file with ending .PDF, it then opens. please give some solutions

  3. I deliberately covered the speakers with my fingers and it made no difference at all. Maybe the UK version is better than the US version.

  4. What kind of productivity can be done with this tablet (given its limited available RAM)? I'm looking for a relatively cheap tablet that I can use in the hospital during med school, and it's either this or the Samsung Tab A8 2017 version. The most I'll be doing is watching videos/looking up medical info on the internet while having Microsoft Onenote/Word open in split-screen, and I'd like for that kind of experience to be smooth.

  5. when you put a micro sd card does this tablet allow the micro sd card to become the main storage device or merge it with the current drive? as the nvidia shield tablet did?

  6. Thanks for the video!
    But i have some feedback…You cant judge front facing speakers by the "can be covered" factor. Back facing ones are usually easy to cover too. You had to say something about the loudness and clarity .Even when covered they can be loud enough to enjoy your game rather than having one speaker on the back .
    And Lenovo does make less updates than other companies ,but pretty much one large update and 2 to 3 small ones are to be expected.
    Its a good tablet and you did good saying what the differences are between the US and EU versions.

  7. Do you know what level of Widevine does this tablet support? Does it stream HD from Netflix and Google Play Movies?

  8. Be careful with the memory, MicroSD requires "A1" rated UHS (Ultra High Speed) U3 (at LEAST 80/80Mbs). If you attempt to use slower memory you will get corrupted memory. I learned the hard way. It DID burn up (rendered useless) a COUPLE of my Samsung EVO (Class 10/U1). Just be SURE to use U3. also, tech support at Lenovo (for THIS device) is useless.

    I recommend THIS MicroSD-

  9. What Android version is it on now? Have u had any more updates since u bought it? Front facing speakers any good? Battery life will last the whole day on average use u think? Multitasking /memory management decent enough? Do you think this is as good as the Galaxy Tab S2 8-inch?

  10. I've had it for a week now. It's pretty good for the most part, but lenovo crippled it with only having 2gb RAM. It gets frustratingly slow sometimes. But for the most part it's pretty good. I know for a fact that the snapdragon 625 isn't the issue because it's known as a good performer so the only possible explanation of the slowdowns is the RAM.

  11. Fingerprint reader is great for purchasing through play store and authenticating to your password manager (LastPass) when logging into sites/apps.

  12. Thanks for the review, but I have to disagree about your comment regarding Lenovo continued support for updates. Lenovo has a terrible track record with their tablets and updates. I seriously doubt this tablet gets anything major, and lucky if it gets security updates. Reference Lenovo's Android update matrix here, if the model isn't listed, it isn't getting jack: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht501098

  13. How is the Performance as I am from India and I’ll have to import it from Amazon US and it’s going to cost me $386 and many people have posted complaints for this product so wanted to be sure if I go for yoga then it’s has to be flawless. Else I have Tab 4 as an alternative which will give me warranty as its available here.


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