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The latest budget-friendly tablet offering from Lenovo promises a great audio experience. Does it deliver? We find out, in this Lenovo Tab 2 A8 review!

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  1. Honestly, I have a Lenovo, and it didn't come with a screen protector, after 6 years finally I bought one, And it's bad to be honest, I have it and the camera is very bad, It's all back to be honest.

  2. my phone's screen broke but i had this tablet laying around, i got really disapointed by the lack of ram, it only lets me open the games i wanted to play for a few seconds and closes, but for older games and videos its fine

  3. anyone give me an info how to block the warning sign that always shown up when I put the headset in lenovo tab 2-A850

  4. Sakın almayın bu aq tabletini çok yavaş orospu tablet amk sikim gibi tablet almayın su gote benzeyen tableti


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