Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro review. Lenovo recently started shipping the Yoga 2 Pro, and it brings a little more than just a fresh CPU. In addition to running new Haswell processors, it rocks a thinner and lighter design, a backlit keyboard and a 3,200 x 1,800 display — a big step up from the 1,600 x 900 panel used in the last gen.

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  1. I have both the original 13 and this one. In 2017 I still love them both. Running windows 10 and Linux on both. The only 2 gripes I have is the SD card sticks out in the Y2 Pro so you can't leave one in all of the time like on the original. The other is the micro HDMI. My first one just has the standard HDMI and you know no matter where you go you can hook it to a TV or second monitor. With the Y2 Pro I have to make sure I have the special HDMI cable with me every where I go. I love these machines. I just wish I could put 2 500 GB SSDs in the new one like I have in my Yoga 13. 🙁

  2. I highly recommend buying the lenovo yoga 13 (new version), also there is a way to get a good rebate off all lenovo product on ibm friend website (it lets you consult the lenovo's website wich is affiliated with IBM) I saved 75$ this way on a 1200$ laptop. write lenovo yoga 2 pro ibm friend in google, pick the first website (its a forum) in the first post you have the link for the ibm friend, and a password on the forum from a worker at IBM. You will save on anything on lenovo's website. Trust me i gain nothing from telling you but i'd sure be happy to make people save some money and get the pc they want.

  3. Well, i'm a bit confused of choosing between the asus zenbook ux301la white and the lenovo yoga 2 pro. Any sugestions?

  4. I have had mine for about a month,no complaints so far. My Y2P has the i7 4500 processor  8gb ram with 256 ssd from Best Buy for 1199.00. There were some wifi issues with first units but a driver update solved these. Battery life has been about 6 hours with mixed use, which is fine because the battery charges very fast..I hope this info helps

  5. I'm definitely going to buy this. I cant wait to get it to replace my old HP G72 that weighs a ton and is a little under powered. This seems so good for the price listed on Best Buy which is 949.99 for the pro version which I will get. I honestly can"t wait, this is gonna be awesome.

  6. Why don't the engadget reviewers ever say who they are? Do they like being anonymous or something? Just curious, because I've seen this reviewer before and she does a good job. Should get credit for her good work!

  7. Was looking for a food review on this because I was considering it va a macbook air. And when I saw that she was reviewing. I was like "yes she's my favorite new reviewe"! Keep up the great work and again hope to see a lot more reviews from you/her. BTW how is battery life? Another thing is that the laptop only comes with a single band WiFi card built in. I heard you can change it however by buying tour own and installing it internally.

  8. LENOVO = rubbish product & horrid customer service. 

    Based on personal experience with their entry level, & high-end gear. Never trusting reviews again.   

  9. Lenovo, it just doesn't work, its to big to hold as a tablet and you have the keyboard on the back when its even in tablet mode, its a stupid idea, the old flip screen windows XP tablet/laptops were better than this.

  10. 1,39kg and 15,5mm thin with a 3200×1800 resolution = 276ppi, nice lenovo !! I hesitate with the transformer book which has the keyboard separated for tablet mode (lighter) when they will be affordable..


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