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In August , I purchased the Lenovo Yoga 710 15 (ISK Signature Edition) for school and business use. I needed something powerful, yet moderately priced, and this computer won hands down.

Please keep in mind, this is a specific model of the Lenovo Yoga 710 and these specs are particular to this model. The online store will show options that differ. This is not a fault on my part, but is simply a difference in specifications per each model. I also didn’t touch on every single feature. There is plenty more this laptop can do, but I wanted to provide a high level introduction to its capabilities.

Link to the current model on Lenovo’s site:

Currently the closest model available on Amazon:

Kaizen – Bloom (Convex Remix) [feat. Kass]

Camera – Canon T2i

Lenses – Canon 50mm 1.8, & Canon EFS 18-200mm

Microphone – Bluebird

DAW – Logic Pro

Video Editing – Final Cut Pro X


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  1. I have this laptop, and its pretty crappy, the SSD is very hot, and its had some driver issues. However its been pretty awesome. Sadly I got a new laptop due to this laptops abismall battery life, and we paid 900 for the base version with 8 gigs of RAM and a 2 Core i5, and a 250 ssd.

  2. You say "you're getting more impressive specs than the 2015 MacBook Pro at a fraction of the price," but you described so many ways in which this machine is inferior to the MBP. For me, the biggest one is the lack of a disc drive.
    I would also like people to keep in mind that "specs" are little more than words and statistics. How the actual hardware functions when it is all put together makes the MPB far superior in reality.
    I bought my MBP and sold it a few months later when I realized it was way more than I needed. I replaced it with a MacBook Air for $1000. Four years later, I sold that Air for $650 and it was still running like new.
    What do I use now? It's a laptop that I put together with scraps from other machines. It does what I need it to do, and it was FREE.

  3. Hi, do you know what kind of pen is compatible with this laptop? Cause I’m more of an art person, so I’ve had issues on finding a compatible pen for this laptop

  4. I have the same machine but mine has the fingerprint reader. I think it was only available at Best Buy. Anyway, have you upgraded anything internally since this video?

  5. have you noticed any wear on the hinges? because on mine i try to be super careful about flipping the screen but have you noticed any issues or have any suggestions on how to not break it?

  6. 3:03 8 hours my ass, man. I tried out what you said (web browsing, youtube viewing, microsoft office suite until battery died from 100%) and had my settings on the lowest possible (all unnecessary apps off including bluetooth, location, power saver, battery saver, turning off background apps, disconnecting any devices to PC and some other stuff). With all that, I only managed about 5 to 5 and 1/2 hours of battery life.

    1:09 You didn't mention that the card reader only goes in half way and doesn't go all the way inside. In other words, it protrudes out of the laptop when inserted. Also, there's no volume rocker on the sides either.

  7. How is the Fan noise going with you? Cause i got one and it is very annoying
    especially when opening Adobe products. Would i consider mine as a defect?

  8. If I were to use a micro hdmi adapter and use an appropriate cable will it output to a monitor in 4k or do I need a displayport cable?

  9. But if u just said u replaced ur MacBook Pro with this and this doesn't do well in video editing and the MacBook does….how can u say the Lenovo specs are better than the MacBook Pro.

  10. It is definitely a great Notebook. He does not stress enough how good the screen and battery life are.To me the 14 inch version is the sweet spot… I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a fast and reliable laptop with a price that will not break the bank.

  11. i want please because i just dont want to use my parents money to buy this…..If you're saying "why dont you use your own money?" If i had the oppoturnity to go out working and get some cash, i swear that i'll be working by now but the prob is my dad does not allow me to and i dont even know why…

  12. which one better??
    500GB SSD Storage or 1TB HDD storage?
    yoga 710 i7 or yoga 510 i5?
    RAM 8 or RAM 4?
    plis i needed for my laptop 😅
    laptop for gaming, design grafic(premier pro, etc.)

  13. Do you know if there's any other differences between this laptop and the newer version with kaby lake? The kaby lake has a fingerprint scanner and hello camera but should be down to having the same screen speakers and build right? The skylake one is cheaper so wondering which one to get. I am mostly hoping the screen and speakers are identical since I am getting it mainly for multimedia.


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